Love Island: Ten best Anna Vakili memes from Monsters Inc to The Chase

There are many funny things about Love Island which make us want to watch it each summer, but one of the show’s by-products which keeps us coming back for more is the memes.

So with the return of the show for its fifth season comes a whole summer filled with memes, in-jokes and banter that sadly the contestants won’t get to see until they leave the villa!

Here are some of the best Anna Vakili memes to come out of Love Island season 5…

Love Island: SR5 on ITV2.
Pictured: Anna Vakili.

The meme that started it all

Poor Anna was meme’d before she had even stepped into the villa! We had to have this OG on the list as it was the one the signalled what was to come…

A picture of Anna was compared to a star of The Chase and fans thought it was hysterical – And so did Anna’s sister Mandi!

Metal Shop Masters Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

It resurfaced after Anna insisted on dating someone taller than her and we’re sure it’s set to return at points throughout the show.

When’s Anna’s Dolmio day?

This comparison shortly followed. And it looks like it’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

Pouty Anna

Anna was hit with criticism over her plumped pout and the surgery speculations won’t stop flying out.

And the memes won’t either!

Obscure hand gestures

Can anyone tell what Anna is trying to convey here?

We’re still stuck…

Anna’s height

Anna is looking for someone who is taller than her, which doesn’t seem too hard to find considering she’s firmly under 5’10”.

But her seeming delusion of her own stature resulted in some pretty funny content…


This one has to be our fave.

A subtle nod to the Kardashian comparison but nevertheless a clever little bit of intertextuality from this memer.



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