Walkthrough Love Island The Game season 3 with us - our Islander is turning heads!

Although a new series of Love Island was cancelled this summer, that hasn’t stopped ITV rolling juicy content our way. First, they aired the first-ever season of Love Island Australia, and now we have a brand new edition of Love Island The Game. 

Love Island The Game started two years ago, and was met with immediate success.

Largely following the same format as the show, Love Island The Game allows you to enter the villa with your custom-made character. Then the aim of the game is up to you: find love, stir up trouble, recouple, avoid being dumped, it’s your choice!

So, with Love Island The Game returning this year for its third season, we thought it’d be best to take you on a walkthrough. We strapped in and played for hours on end to bring you the best of the game’s drama.

Love Island The Game s3 – Fusebox Games

Meet our season 3 character…

Creating your own character is the first step in the Love Island game. In season 2, the game developers made it even easier to customise your character with more variety in the design stage.

They also made it way easier to create an interesting character, rather than the ‘influencers’ and ‘runway models’ of season 1. Of course, the model option was still there, but this season we opted for our character to be a scientist. Other options were an athlete, a model, or a musician. A little less inventive than last year’s charity worker who works in rainforest conservation…


Our new character, Rica, a kind scientist who’s not afraid to get stuck into the drama was an instant hit at the first coupling session.

Making friends on Love Island The Game

There’s a whole new batch of Islanders to impress on season 3. The first two girls Rica met were Elladine and AJ, a glassblower and professional hockey player.

Why oh why couldn’t of Rica got a career like theirs…

Day 1 and it’s all fun and games in the villa. Unlike before where it was easy to stir up drama with your fellow Islanders, it looks like the villa is a much more amicable place.

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Love Island The Game s3 – Fusebox Games

Finding the perfect partner

This season, the first two female Islanders got to pick their matches before our character could. Rica was up third in the selection, meaning Nicky and Seb had already been coupled up with.

Season 3 does not allow you to couple up with Nicky or Seb, you can only make friends with them. So, no opportunity for backstabbing here!

Although, you are allowed to couple up with all of the other male Islanders and some of the females.

Rica and Camilo’s Love Island journey begins

Out of the three male Islanders Rica could couple up with, she chose 23-year-old Romford boy Camilo.

Supposedly “a blackbelt in grafting,” Camilo was definitely the loudest of the bunch. Clearly a hit with our confident lass Rica.

Although it’s only day 1, Rica already has Camilo wrapped around her pinky finger. Let’s see how long this Love Island romance will last, or if Rica’s head will turn in the coming episodes…

Love Island The Game s3 – Fusebox Games




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