Love Island The Game season 3: All the characters from AJ to Harry

Love Island The Game has returned to save summer with its third instalment. 

As more and more reality TV shows are stripped from our screens, having not been able to film throughout lockdown and social distancing measures, we have all had to turn to new forms of entertainment.

Gaming is an obvious choice, but as Love Island The Game encapsulates top-notch gameplay with the Love Island format, it’s a total winner.

So, with Love Island The Game season 3 having launched in June 2020, we thought it best to get to know this season’s characters. Find out about the characters on the game here.

Love Island The Game s3 – Fusebox Games

Love Island The Game season 3: Characters

  • AJ
  • Bill
  • Camilo
  • Elladine
  • Genevieve
  • Harry
  • Miki
  • Nicky
  • Seb

Get to know the game characters better – AJ

Age: 21

Location: Bath

Job: Professional hockey player

Tagline: “Knows how to handle a stick”


Age: 24

Location: Surrey

Job: Roofer

Tagline: “Strong opinions about sandwiches”

Love Island The Game s3 – Fusebox Games


Age: 23

Location: Romford

Job: Runs the family shop

Tagline: “A blackbelt in grafting (and Brazilian jiu-jitsu)”



Age: 25

Location: Cardiff

Job: Glassblower

Tagline: “Heard every ‘blowing’ joke a hundred times already”


Age: 26

Location: Glastonbury

Job: Junior doctor

Tagline: “Wants to crowd surf into your heart”

Love Island The Game s3 – Fusebox Games


Age: 21

Location: York

Job: Business student

Tagline: “Usually wears a tie with his swimsuit”


Age: 21

Location: Cambridge

Job: Lifestyle vlogger

Tagline: “Loves it when you smash that subscribe button”


Age: 24

Location: Newcastle

Job: Music tutor

Tagline: “Oldest sibling energy”

Love Island The Game s3 – Fusebox Games


Age: 28

Location: Liverpool

Job: Runs a music shop

Tagline: “Owns 52 t-shirts and 1 shirt”

Twitter talks Love Island The Game characters

The season 3 characters have been facing a lot less flack than previous seasons, particularly now Noah and Allegra gone from the series.

But out of all of the Islanders so far, there are two clear favourites: Harry and AJ.

Harry is a clear fave, as he is seemingly the sweetest in the villa. But it is AJ who has nabbed herself the biggest fandom. AJ is one of the openly bi-sexual characters in the game, and many players are coupling up with her this season. One player tweeted: “I’m so happy for AJ stans and especially players who prefer the female LI. In past seasons it have been a pretty long wait to get with the girl, this season you have many chances very early on and I think that’s a nice progress.”

Another tweeted that they were: “Stuck in a love triangle with Harry, Aj and a lil bit of Camilo but if new people come I might leave them.. maybe make a love square”





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