When the Bombshells enter the Love Island villa, it takes a bit of time to get to know them, as we’ve been following the antics of the OG cast closely for weeks prior.

But what better way than a date with a fellow Islander to reveal what the Bombshells are all about?

In episode 33 (Wednesday, July 10th), newbies Chris Taylor and Francesca Allen took their choice of dates on a romantic picnic. And on his date with Belle Hassan, Chris revealed his current career path which involves dogs – that’s one way to win her over!

So what is the dog website Chris was talking about in his date and is it about to make him a very successful man? Read on to find out…

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Love Island: SR5: Ep33 on ITV2
Pictured: Belle and Chris date.

Meet Chris Taylor

Chris is a 28-year-old originally from Leicester.

He first introduced himself to the group as a business development manager when he arrived, rather than going into full details on his doggy start-up.

Chris describes himself in his Insta bio as having “more eyebrows than sense” and is definitely up for a laugh in the villa.

And although his humour might work on the women, there’s something else about Chris that will be a total babe magnet – his passion for pooches.

What is Chris’ dog website?

During his date with Belle, Chris described what he really did.

He explained that he and two friends had been building a website over the past two years and that “the idea of it is a social support network for new and upcoming dog owners”. Kind of like Mum’s Net for pooches, then!

The website is called Doggletoggle and you can visit it here.

It is the first of its kind in the UK and is still largely in the development process.

When will Doggletoggle officially launch?

No set date has been confirmed by Chris.

Although the website is live and they have an Instagram page – which already has over 5000 followers may we add – none of the sections of the website or the forum is open.

There are four sections to the website: Newsfeed, Find a Breed, Find a Dog, Find a Service.

If this kind of website sounds right up your, and your pooches’, street then you can subscribe to the newsletter for more details on when it launches. You can do this on the website’s home page.

We’re sure that after his stint on the hit ITV show, everyone will be talking about his business endeavour. And it could lead to some seriously big bucks if it gets picked up as an app!



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