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Love Island: What is Michael Griffiths' height? How tall is he?

There are a lot of qualities that go into finding an ideal partner. But on Love Island, where the stakes to find the ideal partner are high, it would seem these qualities are the be-all and end-all.

Time and again, finding a tall partner has been one of the most essential things for the female Islanders. We all saw how blown away Anna Vakili was by 6ft 7 Ovie!

But now viewers are beginning to wonder how tall one of the most fought-over bachelors is in the Love Island villa, as they have noted he looks much smaller than the other boys.

So what is Michael Griffiths’ height and is he much smaller than the other Islanders?

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Love Island: SR5: Ep37 on ITV2
Pictured: Joanna and Michael at the dumping.

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Michael Griffiths: Height

This season of Love Island, ITV have definitely recruited the tall, dark and handsome types such as Ovie Soko and Tommy Fury. So there was always going to be a lot of male competition for Michael Griffiths.

27-year-old Michael is definitely shorter than the other males in the villa, but no exact stats have been revealed.

Considering that when he stood next to Caroline Flack and his partner Joanna Chimonides – who are both of a similar height around 5ft 4 – he did not look much taller.

As both women were wearing high heels, we’d guess they were standing between 5ft 7. Which would make Michael around 5ft 10.

What’s for sure is that he’s definitely under the 6ft mark!

“Immature words with his immature height”

For those who are Team Amber rather than Team Michael, they have been quick to use his go-to criticisms against him.

‘Childish’ and ‘immature’ have been a part of Michael Griffiths’ vocab in almost every episode of Love Island since he and Amber first starting having problems. “You’re childish” might even be Michael’s catchphrase of the series!

But one Twitter user pointed out that he was “Calling people childish like he ain’t the height of a 6 year old”.

And another commented that Michael had “immature words with his immature height”.

The claws are definitely out!

Michael is still Amber’s type

After Amber said her main criteria for the men she likes were that they had to be tall and tatted.

Sure, Michael has the tattooed look down, but he’s definitely not the tallest in the villa. Still, that hasn’t stopped Amber thinking he’s the one!

But this has aggravated viewers of the show, as they have ‘shipped’ Amber and her villa-bestie Ovie, who she is in a friendship couple with.

As Ovie is covered in tats and 6ft 7, it seems like he is Amber’s type down to a T.





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