As the Love Island contestants entered the Casa Amor stage of the show, real cracks began to form in relationships we once thought were going to last.

It looks like heads are about to turn…

And for one couple, who the public have adored since they declared their affection for one another, it looks like an age difference might be amping up the divisions.

So how old is Amber Gill and why is her age affecting her relationship with Michael Griffiths?
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Love Island: SR5: Ep13 on ITV2
Pictured: Amber and Michael make a decision.

How old is Amber Gill?

Amber was born in 1998, making her just 21-years-old and one of the youngest in this year’s Love Island.

Although she may look older – and sound wiser – than her years, she’s one of the babies of the bunch!

Michael is 27-years-old and at a very different stage of his life than Amber, which he has expressed before.

And these concerns appear to be causing a rift between the couple.

What has Michael said about Amber’s age?

Michael has not been afraid of expressing his concerns about Amber being a few years younger than him.

He has previously confronted Amber about being “immature” and they have had numerous disagreements over the way she has reacted to certain situations – such as the Danny, Yewande and Arabella love triangle.

But these concerns have only heightened during his time at Casa Amor.

In episode 24 (Sunday, June 30th) he said to potential flame Joanna:

Is there certain things that have gone on that I think are quite childish? Yeah, there is.

Is Amber really too immature for Michael?

Despite Amber and Michael having undeniable chemistry, it seems the age gap is proving itself to be too great for this relationship to work out.

It seems that Michael is unable to change this view he has of Amber as immature and neither can the viewers. Many are now even rooting for him to couple up with someone new.

One Twitter called her a “childish bully” who “barely acts 21”. Other users say this is down to Amber, Anna and Amy’s group childish mentality.

But what about new girl Joanna…

Many are willing Michael will couple up with new girl Joanna Chimonides in the hopes that she will be more mature, although we’re not sure whether to bank on that relationship working out.

Joanna is only 22-years-old and it’s hard to say yet whether she will be wise beyond her years or mature enough for Michael.

Anna Vakili is branded as childish, as is Maura Higgins, and they are both 28. So it’s clear that age does not equate to maturity in the Love Island villa.

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep24 on ITV2
Pictured: Michael and Joanna chat.


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