Love Island: Where is Jack Fincham from? Who does he live with?

Season four of Love Island has now come to a conclusion, and Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer will wear their winners’ medals until next summer.

Obviously, not that there are winners’ medals, just millions of social media followers… we know which one we’d prefer.

Over the course of this summer and this season, we’ve got to know Jack and Dani pretty well. We know Jack is from Kent, for example, but where exactly?

Here is everything you need to know about Jack and his hometown background.

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4: Ep50 on ITV2

Where is Jack Fincham From?

Jack is from Orpington, which is in Bromley. There is actually some discussion as to whether Bromley is actually classed as a part of Greater London or is in Kent, but we don’t really care that much.

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Do you?

Jack isn’t the first celebrity to hail from Orpington, either, with a slew of pretty famous names emerging from the Bromley town. David Bowie, Pixie Lott, David Haye and Charles Darwin are all famous Orpington residents.

Big up the Orp-Orp!

Jack Fincham and his dad bod – Love Island, series 4, episode 8

Which Other Love Island Winner is From Kent?

Jack is not the first Kentish winner of ITV2’s hit summer show. Back in 2016, Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde won the second season of Love Island, with the latter hailing from Kent.

All those Kent folk must be really proud of their Love Island record, right? Love Island’s coming home, anyone?

Series 2 episode 40 Nathan and Cara.

Who Does He Live With?

At the moment, dear old Jack lives with his mother. How cute is that?

But while on the show, Jack stated that it may be time for him to “fly the nest.” While Jack’s Mum will be sad to see her son leave, we’re excited to see who he might be moving in with…

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4: Ep56 on ITV2
Pictured: Jack reacts to Dani’s parents.

Will Jack and Dani Move in Together?

That’s right! It’s been rumoured that Jack and Dani are preparing to live together. The former is apparently keen to ask his girlfriend to move in with him.

They’ve only been out of the villa for less than a week, but things seem to be moving pretty fast for Jack and Dani.

Dani has already stayed with Jack in Orpington and has met his family and friends – it’s been plastered all over their social media accounts, too!

Still playing catch up on Wes and Megan, though…

Wes and Megan have only gone and moved in together!



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