Love Island: Who is Shaz Raja? Meet the man on Islanders' Instagram!

Love Island has drawn to a close and the finalists all touched down in Blighty on Wednesday, July 31st, waving goodbye to their summer of love in the Majorca villa.

The Islanders had welcome parties waiting at the airport, in a Beatlemania-type fashion, waving flags and photos of their favourite contestants. And after two months of being without their phones or Instagram, the eight finalists weren’t afraid to document the craziness straight to their social media.

But one thing that the Love Island stars also shared was snaps of them and a mysterious Shaz Raja.

So who is Shaz? We’ve done some digging into who Shaz Raja is and why all the stars wanted a snap with him.

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The Islanders’ return

All eight finalists made their return on Wednesday, July 31st and fans descended upon Stanstead airport to greet them.

Greg and Amber, Tommy and Molly-Mae, Maura and Curtis, and Ovie and India all had their individual fanbases out in full force. But the Islanders weren’t just snapping pics with fans, but a member of the Love Island team!

Greg, Ovie, Curtis and Amber all shared stories with a man named Shaz Raja featuring. Ovie added the caption “Big shout out to the big man @shaz_raja” and Amber said “Man like @shaz_raja”.

This understandably left some of their fans scratching heads over who Shaz is.

Screenshot: Instagram

Who is Shaz Raja?

From his LinkedIn, we can see that Shaz Raja is a bodyguard.

Not much is known about Shaz, originally hailing from London, but his Instagram gives a lot away.

Shaz is a bodyguard who frequently works with celebrities and important figures. He has lots of snaps of who he has looked after, including famous actors and even the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn!

One of Love Island’s first contestants to be dumped this season, Joe Garratt, revealed that Shaz looked after him in the hours he first came out of the villa.

If you want to follow Shaz then check out his Insta here.





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