Love Island: Who is Tommy's brother Roman Fury? Where was Tyson?

When the contestants on Love Island have celebrity relatives, it’s no surprise that fans of the show hope that those relatives will appear in the ‘meet the parents’ episode.

And after Danny Dyer’s appearance last year, many viewers were hoping that the Islanders with celebrity family members this season would show face.

Belle father Tamer Hassan – Danny Dyer’s best mate and acting bud – showed up, but Tommy Fury’s boxing superstar brother Tyson did not.

Instead, Tommy’s other brother Roman came to support him on the show.

So who is Roman Fury and why didn’t Tyson appear on the show?

Screenshot: Love Island S4 E56 – ITV Hub

Who is Tommy’s brother Roman?

Not much was known about Roman Fury before he turned up in Love Island episode 56 (Sunday, July 28th).

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He has a lacking social media presence which boils down to a Twitter account from 2012 which has a following of two and no Tweets – so, pretty much non-existent!

You may think that coming from such a famous sporting family that more would be known about Roman, but he’s remained pretty under the radar.

When Tommy’s mum and brother arrived in the villa, Roman was ever the proud big bro, saying “you’ve smashed it lad” and that he was “unbelievable”.

Hopefully, we’ll see a bit more of Roman if he hangs around for the Love Island final on Monday, July 29th.

The Fury brothers

Patriarch of the Fury household is ‘Gypsy’ John Fury, who was a professional boxer in the 1980s and 1990s.

John has five sons, but they are all with different women. So Tyson and Tommy Fury are actually half-brothers.

We assume that Roman is one of the five Fury brothers as he shares their surname.

They come from a long line of boxers which continues through the new Fury generation, with 24-year-old heavyweight boxer Hughie Fury as their cousin.

But from what we’ve found, Roman hasn’t followed down the boxing path.

Why didn’t Tyson Fury appear on Love Island?

Tyson was supporting Tommy Fury’s appearance from the get-go. He was even the one who accidentally in an interview revealed that Tommy was going on Love Island!

His openness about Tommy’s appearance made some believe he’d be willing to appear on the show himself. But an insider revealed to the Express that he didn’t want to go on the show, despite the team at ITV trying desperately to convince him.

Supposedly Tyson Fury “felt it wouldn’t work with his profile”.

But whether the rest of his brothers showed up or not in the villa, Tyson 100% has the support of the Fury family behind him and Molly-Mae Hague.




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