Love Island: Will Rachel pick Brad or Chuggs? Twitter predictions explored!

Episode six of Love Island left Rachel with the decision of choosing to couple up with either Brad or Chuggs and everyone is wondering who she will pick!

Keep reading as we explore various Twitter predictions along with hilarious memes surrounding the sticky situation.

FIRST LOOK: Five girls, seven boys and a very dramatic recoupling… | Love Island 2021

FIRST LOOK: Five girls, seven boys and a very dramatic recoupling… | Love Island 2021

Rachel left to choose between Brad and Chuggs

After another recoupling took place on episode six of Love Island’s seventh series, newcomer Rachel Finni was left to choose between Brad McClelland and Chuggs Wallis.

As the show ended on a cliffhanger, the conclusion is still unknown…

Rachel’s experience in the villa so far has entailed a lot of communication as she got to know both Brad and Chuggs.

While Brad was left to graft, the supporters on @brad_mcclell‘s Instagram shared his delighted reaction to Rachel’s entrance into the villa.

The caption also highlights that the new Islander matches Brad’s description of his type in the promotion video…

During a conversation, @rayfinn made her priorities clear by asking Brad if he can cook.

Check out Love Island’s First Look for further information on Sunday 4th July’s episode…

Twitter predictions explored

We all know that Love Island Twitter is well known for its reactions, so we have provided fan predictions surrounding Rachel’s upcoming decision.

@trashtvIover shared their confusion online as they debated between possible outcomes.

Another user named @ChantayyJayy explained the possibility that Chuggs is not interested in Rachel.

@buckyzsam reiterated that Brad confessed his sexual attraction towards Rachel before she announced that the chosen guy made her feel sexy…

Could this mean that she is going to choose Brad?

@yasminiscool82 provided evidence suggesting that Rachel represents Brad’s type.

Advocating for Brad, @Baby_EDN used a meme to inform the timeline that Rachel should pick McClelland.

Similarly, @alan_sh0re explained that they are willing to riot if Rachel does not pick Brad.

Popular Twitter user named @Oloni presented her idea that Chuggs is pretending to be interested.

She then went on to predict that Chuggs will be leaving the villa.

Additionally, @Oloni stated Rachel would suffer if she were to pick Chuggs.

@localstupidassb also urged the newcomer to pick Brad.

Alternatively, some fans believe Rachel deserves better than both of the selected boys.

@shutupim_emily bluntly urged Love Island to send Brad and Chuggs home.

So, the majority of Twitter is under the impression that Rachel will choose to couple up with Brad.

What do you think?

Love Island memes: Brad or Chuggs

Of course, the memes have also been spiralling Twitter…

@__yasminaf used a funny video to represent the current situation.

A user named @k080897 compared Chuggs’ reaction to Rachel’s speech with a hilarious meme of Debby Ryan.

@Bxverly1 used a comical video to predict that Chuggs will try and seduce Rachel.

@agegebreadd gained over 1.3k likes on a tweet suggesting Chuggs will take advantage of an important political movement to win Rachel over.

Tune in to Love Island at 9 pm on ITV2 to find out who Rachel will pick!

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