The return of Love Island to our screens means summer 2019 has officially started!

And with its return comes all of the coupling up, romance, tension and banter as we’d expect from the show.

But one thing that has come from the show are iconic one-liners that stick with us throughout the summer and beyond…

So will Sherif’s catchphrase become the catchphrase of the season, what does it mean and why does he keep using it?!

Love Island: SR5 on ITV2

What does ‘it is what it is’ means?

When Sherif entered the villa and none of the girls stepped forward for him, he came out with his line “it is what it is”.

C’est la vie, Que sera sera, it is what it is… Sherif’s catchphrase falls among the greats.

You can almost hear Frank Sinatra crooning ‘That’s Life’ when Sherif says it!

And just look at how applicable it is to almost every situation in the villa. We’re sure the rest of the Islanders will catch on quickly…

Sherif’s rejection: It is what it is

Sherif said this phrase a total of four times when accepting that none of the girls had stepped forwards for him.

And then when he chose to couple up with Amber Gill he said it again.

Fans were even questioning whether he has a compulsion to say the phrase.

Sherif’s rejection Pt. 2: It is what it is

When Amber then stepped forward for Callum, Sherif whipped it out once more to deal with the situation.

He said:


It is what it is. If I’m not her type I’m not her type.

Poor Sherif had a whirl of memes made out of this one moment!


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The other Islanders are catching on

So far Michael and Joe have joined the ‘it is what it is’ team.

Michael said “It is what it is” when Sherif joined him on the coupling up ‘subs bench’.

Joe then said the same phrase to Sherif as well… Maybe it’s something calming about Sherif that just brings out this mantra in himself and others? We can only guess.

Will it replace ‘I’m loyal”?

It’s early days so it’s quite hard to tell what the legacy of “it is what it is” will be.

Fans are divided on whether it will replace Georgia Steel’s iconic catchphrase, with some already calling it as the iconic line of this season.

But Gee’s “I’m loyal” became so iconic after she first uttered the words, so Sherif has a long way to go…

Love Island: SR5: Ep1 on ITV2
Pictured: Amber gets a text about two late arrivals.



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