Love Island: Yewande is public enemy no. 1 on Lipstick Alley - here’s why!

Since Love Island season 5 kicked off on Monday, June 3rd there has been non-stop internet discussion over the favourites on the show and who stans who.

It seems that this year the girls aren’t winning favour with the viewers, with Amy’s bullying of Lucie making her ‘Public Enemy No. 1’ and Maura being trolled for her unstoppable desires.

But there is one Islander who has been continuously supported on Twitter – Yewande Biala.

However, the real question is why Yewande hasn’t seemed to win favour with one of the internet’s toughest forum groups, Lipstick Alley.

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Love Island: SR5: Ep6 on ITV2

Pictured: Yewande.

What is Lipstick Alley?

Lipstick Alley describes itself as ‘The Internet’s largest African American Forum’. It currently has over 260,000 members on the site and over 2.2 million discussion threads.

It started as a place where women discussed celebrity gossip and news but developed into a site where women could also make confessions.

This confessional aspect has got the website into hot water on numerous occasions for touching on taboo subjects every now and then. But others have called the general atmosphere on the website “toxic”.

Love Island and Lipstick Alley

The worldwide popularity of Love Island means it did not go unnoticed in the Lipstick Alley forums.

Users comment on a thread with their thoughts about the most recent episodes, events and drama of season 5, which gets updated on an almost daily basis.

But what are they saying about Yewande on the thread and why is she seemingly Public Enemy No. 1 there?

Love Island: SR5 on ITV2.

Pictured: Yewande Biala.

Yewande’s not the most popular on the site

When the show kicked off on June 3rd, it seemed like things were going well for Yewande, with comments such as “Yewande seems sweet” and “I think Yewande will have that relatable/funny personality that will get her far” being made on the Love Island thread.

But it goes to show how quickly things can change, as just two weeks into the show and most of the users have turned on her.

One user even commented on Friday, June 14th “LOL I can’t believe how fast we turned on Yewande”.

Why does Lipstick Alley have a problem with Yewande?

The problems they have with Yewande are farreaching.


Everything from the way she acts, looks and dresses have been critiqued from the outset. Some have called her “insecure”, “emotionally and physically draining” and “awkward”. Others have taken it further with their wishes for her to leave the show.

But it would seem that her relationship and reaction to Danny has been the main source of criticism since he entered the villa on Saturday, June 8th.

Although some were happy that Yewande had found a match, others were quick to point out that he had an “agenda” as he continued to pursue other women – and particularly the white women – in the Love Island villa. One user commented:

Danny is drawing Yewande in and it’s embarrassing to watch her think that her prince has come. He’s just asking every white girl if he’s their type just waiting for one to say yes.

So we take it that they’re not too supportive of this new blossoming relationship!




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