Love Island's Jess wears a waist trainer to sleep - ITV viewers say "just no" to odd habit

Love Island's Jess wears a waist trainer to sleep - ITV viewers say "just no" to odd habit

This first-ever season of Love Island has been tumultuous to say the least and as we swiftly approach the final coming this Sunday, February 23rd, everything is still hanging in the balance.

The hit ITV series has followed its standard format, documenting the everyday lives of the Islanders as they go about falling in love and having fun, this season in Cape Town, South Africa rather than the sunny island of Majorca.

Over the course of these past six weeks, us viewers have got to know the contestants pretty well. From their personalities to their habits, it’s like they’re one of our olds friends. And as is the way with your friends’ weird habits, many can’t help but point out the odd things that some of the Islanders do.

Love Island viewers have been in bits over the way Jess Gale wears her waist trainer.

Screenshot: Love Island S6 E12 – ITV Hub

Jess Gale’s waist trainer

Waist trainers are nothing new. In fact, since the whole Kardashian family – famed for their hourglass figures – sung their praises, many people have used waist trainers to create that perfect figure eight silhouette.

So, when Jess Gale popped out her waist trainer, it’s not like anyone was surprised.

Waist trainers not only slim your middle, but they have been used to help weight loss and improve posture. But they also come with their fair share of complications. Some struggle to properly breathe when wearing a waist trainer, as it reportedly can “reduce your lung capacity by 30 to 60 percent.”

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Jess takes the waist trainer to bed

However, what did surprise viewers was the way in which Jess wore her waist trainer. Usually you wear one underneath your clothes for a set amount of time, much like a corset. Jess went against the grain and decided to wear her waist trainer to bed, which many frowned upon disapprovingly.

One viewer tweeted: “Please tell me Jess wasn’t wearing a ‘waist trainer’ to bed”

Another responded to seeing Jess in a waist trainer, saying “no..just no”

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Can you really wear a waist trainer in bed?

Yes! Although the idea of sleeping in what is essentially a corset sounds like a terrible and painful idea – that which is basically is – you can sleep in waist trainers.

As they come in a variety of fabrics, you can buy one which is less rigid so you’re not as uncomfortable.

So, it’s totally normal that Jess sleeps in her waist trainer, despite what Love Island fans think. In fact, considering that Jess spends most of the time in the villa tanning in a bikini or dressed up in mini party outfits, the only time that she probably could cram in wearing a waist trainer was while she was sleeping. They’re not the most fashionable item, after all!




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