Has Love Island's Mackenzie had lip fillers? Exploring surgery rumours

Love Island USA returned for season 2 on Monday, August 24th, airing on ITV2 for UK viewers to enjoy later.

Although the first season of the American spin-off did not win many fans when it aired on CBS last summer, the sophomore season has raked in plenty of new fans. Now, whether that’s down to the fact that there was no British Love Island this summer, or whether the producers have picked way more entertaining Islanders, that’s down to you to decide.

One of the most talked-about Islanders since day 1 is Mackenzie Dipman. Mackenzie originally paired up with Connor Trott, and it looked like they might be this season’s most secure couple. However, nothing is ever safe in Love Island.

One of the things which viewers have picked up on while Mackenzie has been in Love Island is her plumped pout. Many viewers have been questioning if Mackenzie has had plastic surgery. So, what has Mackenzie Dipman said about her physical alterations? Find out here.

Screenshot: Mackenzie Wants Jalen All To Herself – Love Island USA YouTube

What has Mackenzie said about her lips?

Since her very first appearance on Love Island, Mackenzie Dipman has been open about her obvious pout. In her introductory video, Mackenzie said:

The most common thing I hear when people meet me is you are not what I expected. They see the blonde hair, the big boobs, the big eyes, the big lips and they think oh, this girl is going to be another dumb blonde joke. But I’m not. There’s a lot more to me.

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Has Mackenzie Dipman had plastic surgery?

Mackenzie has not confirmed or denied whether she has had plastic surgery or not, but it is likely.

From looking at Mackenzie on the show, many have speculated that she has had lip fillers and a boob job. Mackenzie has no photographs on Instagram from before March 6th, 2019, so we cannot compare images of Mackenzie when she was younger.

However, we did find a photograph Mackenzie was tagged in from 2015, where her lips look much smaller. This hints that Mackenzie has had lip fillers.

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