Mandi Vakili on Instagram: Who is Anna from Love Island’s sister?

Viewers everywhere leapt to the defence of Anna Vakili when boyfriend Jordan Hames’ head turned after just two days of being in a relationship… yikes.

But none could ever be as protective of Anna than her sister and best friend Mandi.

So when Mandi Vakili took to her Instagram to share her thoughts on what went down in Love Island between her sister and Jordan, things got rather nasty.

Here’s what went down on Mandi’s Instagram story and more about who Mandi is!

Who is Mandi Vakili?

Mandi is Love Island season 5 star Anna Vakili’s younger sis.

The Iranian beauty was born in 1992 and currently works as a make-up artist living in London.

Before her sis stepped in the villa, Mandi was a bit of an Insta celeb in her own right. There were even talks with ITV that Mandi would enter the villa as well.


Mandi and Anna are known as a partying duo, who found themselves minorly famous in Iran earlier this year. They were photographed out with two Iranian footballers clubbing in Qatar.

We’re sure that Mandi and Anna will be even more well-known on the party circuit after Love Island!

Mandi Vakili: Instagram

When Love Island kicked off on Monday, June 3rd, Mandi already had an impressive following on Instagram of 45,000.

Mandi now has a huge following of over 134,000, partly thanks to Anna being on the show, partly of her own accord. She has appeared on Love Island Aftersun and on talk shows such as Lorraine.

You can follow her here @mandi_vakili.

The sisters do pretty much everything together, from going out to the best London clubs, travelling the world and even dressing the same! They look so similar they could even pass for twins.

Mandi shares what she really thinks of Jordan

Mandi was not going to take her sister being cheated on by Jordan lying down, and so took to Instagram. And Mandi went in on Jordan.

We don’t think he’ll be invited to any family gatherings after this…

In an Instagram story posted on Tuesday, July 23rd, Mandi shared her thoughts on her sister’s ‘so-called’ boyfriend and criticised his appearance.

Mandi called him a “Shrek lookalike” who had been “lying through the gaps in his f***ing teeth”.

Many were quick to condemn Mandi Vakili’s blasting of Jordan’s appearance, so much so that Mandi apologised on her Instagram story a day later. She said she “wanted to embarrass the boy who had broke my sister heart like that” and that she “handled it with a short temper which was wrong”.

You don’t want to cross the Vakili sisters!




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