We found Love Island's Mercades on Instagram: Meet the Casa Amor star

Casa Amor is causing complete chaos this season of Love Island USA. 

The couples who looked like they were finally getting somewhere – Cely and Johnny, Justine and Caleb – are now headed for the rocks. Even longtime couple MacKenzie and Connor locked lips with new Islanders in a challenge.

The Casa Amor twist welcomed five new boys and five new girls to each respective ‘villa’ – it’s just a different part of the hotel, really. But out of all the girls, there is one who is stirring up some serious trouble. Mercades Danielle came onto the show with eyes only for Johnny, and since the two met, it’s as if he forgot all about Cely.

Love Island fans have been on the hunt to find out more about the Love Island disruptor. We found her on Instagram so you can get to know her better!

Mercades Danielle: Instagram

We found Mercades from this season of Love Island on Instagram under the handle @mercadesdanielle. She currently has over 47,000 followers on the social media platform.

In Mercades’ bio, she describes herself as “just a girl who loves sunsets and long naps.”

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She shares tonnes of photos in and around her current hometown of Los Angeles and clearly lives the Influencer lifestyle. Expect tonnes of Coachella pics, OOTD and more.

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Mercades on Love Island

Mercades Schell is a 26-year-old from Las Cruces, New Mexico. She joined Love Island during the Casa Amor twist on Day 16.

So far, Mercades has hit it off with Johnny Middlebrooks, who is in a couple with Cely Vazquez. Mercades and Johnny got together at the party and she kissed him on the night.

It is unclear so far whether Johnny will stick with Cely or go with new girl Mercades, but the fans aren’t happy with him either way. Many fans have been outraged that he would kiss Mercades in Casa Amor, while Cely stays loyal to him at the main villa.

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Mercades on TikTok

Mercades has always been more popular on TikTok than Instagram, and since her Love Island appearance, her follower count has rocketed.

Now, Mercades has over 145,000 TikTok followers.

You can check her out @mercadesdanielle.





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