Love Island series 6 is well and truly hotting up, now two weeks into the inaugural winter season.

Rebecca Gormley is the latest addition to the Cape Town villa and just two days in, she’s caused quite the stir. From getting Sophie Piper in trouble with Connagh (“with a g”) to flirting with Shaughna’s boy Callum, Rebecca is definitely shaking up the place.

But we’re still no clearer on who the gorgeous new Islander is keen to pursue.

It’s no surprise that the model has turned a few heads and for those who were hoping to put her good looks down to surgery, we’re sorry to disappoint… she’s an all-natural beauty!

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Love Island: SR6: Ep10 on ITV2
Pictured: Rebecca.

Has Rebecca Gormley had surgery?


From scouring through Rebecca’s Instagram profile, it’s clear that the model has been genetically blessed rather than surgically enhanced.

Over the past four years that Rebecca has put up snaps, she has not changed at all. The only thing that has changed is the whiteness of her teeth; they seem to be getting brighter year by year. But that tends to be the way with models and reality stars, most of them have bright white veneers nowadays!

2016 (age 18)

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2019 (age 21)

Rebecca is a ‘Bare Face’ beauty

As Rebecca explained to Connor Durman in episode 9 (Tuesday, January 21st), she was the winner of Bare Face Top Model element of Miss England 2019.

Rebecca said: “I was the first-ever girl to win the Bare Face Top Model round… you submit a photo of you completely bare faced.”

Connor looked impressed by Rebecca and commented that she was “naturally good looking.”

I think we can all see that, Connor.

  • HUHLove Island fans speculate Rebecca’s patch on leg – contraceptive, nicotine, diabetes or plaster?

Follow Rebecca on Instagram

Rebecca started off in the Love Island villa with just 7,000 followers. Now, she sits at over 54,000! The power of Love Island, eh?

Check out Rebecca @rebeccagormleyx to see some of her best modelling snaps and to see flexing what her mama gave her.