Seven Insta pics that prove Amber Gill is the hottest Islander - no need for nudes!

Love Island 2019 is finally over and now the Islanders are back in the UK, they have spent the week adapting to life as a celeb.

The winners of Love Island, Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea have been in Newcastle with Amber’s friends and family, looking loved up and adorable together.

And returning to the UK, Amber looks better than ever. Some say she even looks hotter now than before she entered the villa… maybe a little love has something to do with it?

Not only has Amber claimed the Love Island 2019 crown, but she’s also 100% the hottest Islander this year. And we’ve got the Insta pics to prove it!

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Love Island: SR5: Ep49 on ITV2
Pictured: The girls arrive for the summer ball: Amber.

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Amber’s post-Love Island glow

The gorgeous Amber Gill stunned when she entered the villa and quickly won the heart of Michael Griffiths – although we all know how that turned out – and then the rest of the nation.

But during her time in the villa, Amber seemed to get more and more attractive, not just because we got to know her personality better.

She started putting on weight in two specific areas that made her physique all the more enviable and then had a loved up glow throughout the final two weeks thanks to Greg.

Her natural beauty was practically radiating from her during the final!

Amber Gill on Instagram

It’s not unusual that many of the Islanders strip down on their Instagram accounts, as many are models or spend their time bikini-clad in sunny destinations. Some just like to strip down for the sake of Instagram… we’re looking at you Molly-Mae!

Amber, on the other hand, doesn’t need to bare all like her Love Island co-stars to prove she’s one of the best looking contestants.

Instead, her Instagram is filled with snaps of her out socialising, on holiday or getting dolled up to party.

No nudes here!

Amber does know how to work her assets, but in comparison to the other girls in the villa this season, she looks relatively tame on Instagram.

The most we see of Amber on her Instagram is a bikini shot. Considering that we’ve all just spent eight weeks of our lives watching Amber prance around in a bikini on TV, this is not a shocker.

Most of Amber’s Instagram snaps show off her natural beauty and her killer fashion sense, so no need for nudes here.

Check out some of her hottest Insta pics below…

Natural beauty

When she’s not dolled up to head out on the ‘toon’, Amber can be seen kicking back with no makeup.

And taking a look at her makeup-free shots, she doesn’t need any at all.

Twitter users agree, with one saying “Amber is such a babe! Just a natural beauty inside and out!”




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