Love Island’s Martin Akinola was called out by Shaq Muhammad for comments he made on a podcast.

Winter Love Island 2023 came to an end as the show’s reunion episode aired on March 19.

Host Maya Jama rounded off her first season of the ITV show with Sam Thompson and Indiyah Pollock in tow. Maya has confirmed she will be back to host the upcoming summer season, too.

The episode gave fans an update on some of the show’s finalists including Shaq Muhammad and Tanya Manhenga. The couple got to have a chat with Casa Amor newbie Martin Akinola.

Martin and Tanya Love Island sitting on chair chatting
Credit: ITV/Love Island

Love Island Reunion: Martin, Shaq and Tanya

Martin, Shaq, and Tanya were reunited at the Love Island Reunion which aired on March 19, 2023.

Martin was asked by Maya Jama “what part” he thought “he was playing” when Tanya chose to bring him back to the villa.

He said that he felt there was a connection between himself and Tanya on the ITV show. However, Martin wasn’t “too mad” as Shaq and Tanya made it to the final.

Shaq brings up the podcast comments

After Martin gave his thoughts on Tanya and Shaq being together, Maya asked if anyone else had anything to say.

Shaq then said: “I think for me I wanna know why you came out of the show and started talking on podcasts saying you would sleep with Tanya in ways I wouldn’t imagine.”

Love Island star Shaq added: “Because, one, that did not happen, and two, if that’s how you choose to speak about women, that’s up to you but I think that’s disgusting.”

Martin spoke on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast

During the Love Island 2023 Reunion episode, Martin said that watching the whole podcast would give more context as to what he was talking about.

He added that he “crossed the line,” and apologised to Shaq and Tanya.

Martin appeared on Reality with Will Njobvu on March 4.

Speaking on the podcast, Martin said that Shaq “was crying because of what I told him,” rather than over what he was shown during the movie night episode.

Martin added that Shaq was “fuming.”

A clip from the podcast shows Martin saying that he told Shaq: “I would f*** your girl in ways you can’t imagine.”


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