If you thought the internet had learnt its lesson after the previous seasons of Love Island, you’d be wrong.

It’s now an inevitable part of the viewing process, that it goes hand in hand with online trolling. Just a day into the new season, it commenced, even more intensely than before.

Everything from the Islanders’ accents, their physical attributes, to their personalities and intellect is in the firing line this year. Nothing is safe.

Despite the fact Shaughna Phillips is a stand-out favourite this season and has plenty of fans lining up to support her, that hasn’t excluded her from the online bullying. Is this proof that the Love Island bullying will never end?


Screenshot: Love Island 2020 – ITV

Shaughna faces the trolls

After the backlash ITV faced last season about the lack of diversity in the Love Island villa, you’d have thought people were over seeing unrealistic, hyper-perfect bodies on our screens.

And yet that does not seem to be the case when it comes to the Islanders who don’t fit this ridiculous stereotype.

Shaughna has an enviable figure but still trolls on Twitter are slating the fact that she has a slightly curvier body type.

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Love Island fans ‘play doctor’

Ridiculous as it is, the extent of the trolling has led to some claiming that Shaughna has a very specific medical condition called lipedema.

Shaughna has never said she has lipedema and so, until she announces she has it (which we’re 99.9% sure she won’t), the trolls need to stop ‘playing doctor’.

The below Twitter users continued to say: “This girl has her legs trending because they are a bit different to what we usually see on love island, and now people are diagnosing her from the telly.”


When is enough, enough?

The comments regarding Shaughna’s body type kicked off just days into the series and many, like us, hoped that it would die down the further along we got into the competition. But the cruelty – not just towards Shaughna, but all the Islanders – has not ceased. After all this time, it shows that lessons have not been learnt from the past, and trolling is an unpleasant fad which sadly is not going anywhere.

The Love Island fanbase appears split down the middle; half are in support of and praising Shaughna; the others don’t seem to care.

It’s something about the particular Love Island viewing experience that is long overdue a shift. We can only hope for better from the Love Island fandom come the 2020 summer series.

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