The Love Island 2021 drinking game: A weekend to not remember!

With the latest season of Love Island in full swing and the UK finally lifting its lockdown restrictions, this is shaping up to be a summer to remember… or, not to remember if you take part in our RTB Love Island 2021 drinking game!

Be it for pre-drinks or the main event on a weekend, we’re sure this game will get everyone in the party mood. Whether someone in the villa does something that gets on your nerves (*cough* Hugo *cough*) or if you just can’t get enough of the show, this game is the answer to any Friday night.

With a drink in hand and your friends by your side, get ready to play the Reality Titbit winter Love Island 2021 drinking game. Jager-bombs away!

Screenshot: Love Island 2021 – ITV Hub

You will need…

  • A bunch of your mates
  • Plenty of alcohol (beers and spirits)
  • Shot glasses
  • Pint glasses
  • Something to watch Love Island on (ITV or the ITV Player)

Love Island 2021 drinking game: Rules

The rules are simple, pour your drinks (don’t forget the shots) and stick on the latest episode of Love Island.

Rule #1

Drink anytime someone gets pulled for a chat

Rule #2

Take a shot whenever Iain jumbles up Millie and Lillie’s names

Rule #3

Drink every time someone says a classic Love Island phrase. Some examples: “You’re my type,” “it is what it is,” “mugged off/muggy,” “eggs in one basket,” “loyal,” “do bits.”

Rule #4 

Take a shot whenever someone says “I’ve got a text”

Rule #5 

Have a drink every time Kaz and Liberty are together (they are villa besties, so this one could be brutal!)

Rule #6

Swap drinks to the right when Chloe flips/pulls or flicks her hair

Screenshot: Love Island 2021 – ITV

Rule #7

Have a drink every time an Islander says “graft”

Rule #8

Top up your drink when Iain makes a sarcastic comment

Rule #9

Have a shot whenever there’s ‘beef’ between the Islanders

Rule #10

Down your drink if someone has to leave the island…

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

How to watch Love Island 2021

Love Island airs every weeknight and Sunday, with a highlight show on Saturday evenings.

We highly recommend playing this drinking game on Friday nights. Not only because it’s the perfect way to kick-start the weekend but because these episodes often include a Recoupling, where tension, drama and shot-smashing rules are high.



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