The Love Islanders that we see year after year have more often than not got an anecdote or two to tell.

However, it’s not that often that an Islander claims to have attracted the attention of a globally-recognised rapper. The first-ever Winter series of the show started from January 12th at 9 pm.

The Winter Love Island villa was shaken up on January 13th when twins Eve and Jess Gale joined the show.

So, what’s the connection between the twins and US rapper Tyga? It looks like he’s got something to say about it…

love island twins tyga

Screenshot: Winter Love Island 2020 episode 2 – ITV

Do the Love Island twins know Tyga?

US rapper Tyga was mentioned during episode 2 of Winter Love Island in 2020. The musician is the man we can all thank for songs such as “Taste” and “Rack City”.

Tyga is also well known as he was once the boyfriend of the seriously successful Kylie Jenner.

In a very strange rap music and ITV dating show crossover, Tyga has been mentioned on the show. Eve Gale said that Tyga and herself had exchanged “flirty” messages during a challenge on January 13th.

During episode 2 of the Winter series, Eve said: “Oh god, he slid into my DM’s but nothing more.”

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Has Tyga replied to the comments?

Although Tyga has reached mega-famous heights, repping over five million followers on Twitter, his attention seems to have turned to Love Island after his name was mentioned.

Tyga Tweeted out three laughing faces following the comments made on the ITV show.

Many Twitter users took this as evidence that he watches Love Island.


Is Tyga likely to have messaged Eve?

From the looks of Twitter, Tyga may have seen that he was trending and replied to the whole situation with three laughing face emojis.

However, there is a chance that he did slide into Eve’s DM’s and the emoji Tweet is totally unrelated.

We would assume that given the extreme difference in popularity between Eve and Tyga, it’s unlikely that they did exchange flirty messages.

Tyga’s social media following reaches around 24 million combining his Twitter and Instagram followers.

However, Eve has around 63,000 followers in total (@evegale).

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