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Frankie Foster, Love Island: SR4 on ITV2

These are the 5 reasons Samira left the villa for Frankie Foster - Love Island!

Is Frankie Foster Love Island’s biggest prize? Samira Mighty certainly thinks so.

Not all of us are going to miss Frankie quite as much as Samira, but at least she believes that the 22-year-old is worth missing out on a potential £50,000 jackpot.

He may not have survived the public vote last week, but there’s no doubt where Samira is casting hers.

Here are five reasons Samira left the villa for Frankie Foster!

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1. Frankie Appreciated Samira’s ‘Leaving’ Gift

Samira left Frankie with a little leaving prezzie, hiding her nightie in his suitcase.

Cutesy, right?

After Samira had made the big gesture, Frankie did exactly what you’d expect: shared the facts on social media!

We’re sure it eased the pain of going home early and Frank’s instant appraisal of his villa girlfriend is just what you need to make that Love Island couple to real-life lovers transition.

2. He Has Been So Excited to Be Reunited With Her

The proof is all over Frankie Foster’s Instagram stories, and now it’s just a matter of time before they’re back together.

Whether they can make it work off the island is a different question.

But, either way, who wouldn’t want to leave when there’s a handsome rugby player so desperate to see you on the other end.

Screencap of Frankie’s Instagram story 

3. More of This

No wonder heart rates were skyrocketing, with those hip flexors in action. Nice of the other boys to offer a critique too, but all of Frankie’s attention was on Samira.

Samira, you can have as much of this as you want now you’ve left the villa. Life is one big Hideaway!

4. To Meet His Pooches

Frankie has his own family of pooches, who even keep him company during workouts.

That doesn’t mean he’ll pass up the chance to pose with a cute pup, though.

It’s almost as if he knows that girls can’t resist the double dose of cuteness…

5. Because Frankie is Really Fit and Into Samira

All those rugby passes probably means that Frankie is good with his hands… you know, for carrying the shopping and that.

After 36 days of loveless Love Island action, Samira was definitely feeling a little vulnerable.

Frankie came in and saved the day.

Can we really blame her for following after him like a little puppy dog? Look at him!



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