When Love Island starts, it seems like the whole of summer becomes addicted to diving head-first into the antics of one villa in Majorca.

Whether it’s watching it religiously every night or keeping up with breaking news on the Love Island app, you can totally immerse yourself in a way never seen before.

And, when they introduced the Love Island game in 2018, it enabled viewers to step inside the villa in a new way.

Cut to 2019 and the second season of the game is out, including new characters, new challenges and a whole load of expansion.

We decided to play the game for hours on end so buckle in, as Love Island the Game season 2 is about as juicy as the real show!

Screen Shot: Love Island The Game - Fusebox Games

Screen Shot: Love Island The Game – Fusebox Games

Choose your player…

Creating your own character is the first step in the Love Island game.


But, as the rest of the Islanders are set to be beautiful, toned, tanned and with killer wardrobes as per the real-life show, the pressure to fit in is real.

In season 2, the developers have made more options to customise your character, with all new hairstyles and features.

Here’s hoping we look the part… 

Love Island The Game s2 – Fusebox Games

Finally some exciting career options!

Last year, things weren’t looking great for our Islander as her career path options were limited to four generic jobs.

At least this year there is a more diverse range of careers, so we didn’t just have to settle for the path of ‘social media influencer’ or ‘runway model’.

We chose our character to be a charity worker who works in rainforest conservation. Not that anyone with that description would ever actually get on the show!

Making friends on Love Island the game – Or trying!

We spent most of our time placating our other Islanders and trying to win their affection. The game tells you that if you see heart-eyed emojis appear that means another character’s feelings have changed towards you.

Obviously, you don’t have to play nice… but we thought we’d give it a shot!

However, winning over all of the Islanders proved a challenge and there were many that our rainforest worker couldn’t woo with her charm.

Maybe we shouldn’t have told all of the others about Hope and Noah staying in bed all morning… Oops.

And a game of ‘two truths and a lie’ quickly proved that you need to be paying attention to what your fellow castmates are saying!

Finding the perfect partner

We clearly proved popular on the first coupling up and four out of the five boys stepped forwards for our Islander.

But 24-year-old Glaswegian Bobby caught our eye with his cheeky charm and we thought his work catering in a hospital would best suit our charity worker… probably more so than Rocco the barman!

And things seemed to be working well with Bobby and we even shared our first kiss on the first night thanks to a helpful game of truth or dare. Somethings are just meant to be eh?

Love Island The Game s2 – Fusebox Games

Will our head turn?

Gary – despite being coupled up with hapless Hannah, who we had befriended by this point – was keen to get to know our Islander.

I mean, who could blame him? She was the favourite of the villa!

But we stuck to our guns and remained faithful to Bobby and Hannah – our head is not turning this time Gary.

Love Island The Game s2 – Fusebox Games

Betrayed at the recoupling!

Despite all our best efforts to remain loyal, a new Islander called Priya stirred things up.

And although we tried to win her over, there was nothing stopping Priya from stealing Bobby away at the recoupling.

For five gems, we could ‘confront her!’, but we sadly did not have five gems at that point. Maybe shouldn’t have spent them on a new outfit…

There was nothing our little Islander could do but accept that Priya had stolen our man and wish them the best. A true modern tragedy.