Rosie Seabrook was a latecomer to Winter Love Island in 2023. Since her arrival in the South African villa, fans have been judging her surgery with many suggesting she has a ‘uniboob‘.

While some people may never have heard of the term ‘uniboob’, others are suggesting that they’ve seen celebrities with similar-looking chests such as Charlotte Crosby.

Rosie joined the Love Island villa ready to have a summer of fun but it appears that viewers of the show can’t hold back when it comes to commenting on her body.

Love Island fans say Rosie has a ‘uniboob’

Stunning Love Islander Rosie Seabrook formed a connection with Casey O’Gorman after entering the villa.

Season 9 episode 50 saw the contestants take part in a talent contest. But rather than celebrating the Islander’s unique talents, viewers decided to take to Twitter to comment on Rosie’s body.

One person asked in a tweet: “Does Rosie have a Uniboob?”

Rosie Seabrook before surgery

It’s no secret that many Love Island contestants have had some cosmetic surgery. Many even get procedures done specifically for their TV appearance on the ITV show.

Back in 2022, Andrew Le Page had chest surgery just weeks before heading into the villa.

Judging by Rosie Seabrook’s Instagram posts from 2021, she may have had surgery such as a breast augmentation, however, this isn’t something that she has publicly confirmed.

What is a ‘uniboob’?

Symmastia, or ‘uniboob’, is a condition that can be congenital (you’re born with it) or caused by plastic surgery.

According to, “Symmastia is a rare condition that occurs when the chest skin lifts off the sternum/breastbone and there is no separation between the breasts.”

Some people can be born with the condition of there being no separation between the breasts. However, it’s rare.

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby was born with symmastia. She opted to have surgery after being trolled online.

The report adds: “Latrogenic symmastia… is caused by a medical treatment, procedure or operation where the skin and muscle tissue becomes released from the sternum through dissection.”

It also states that the condition can be corrected with surgery.

Charlotte Crosby stands with cardboard cut out of herself at DVD Signing
Photo by Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage


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