Cooking is one of the universally recognised ways of showing love and affection. It’s no surprise, then, that when the Islanders want to woo their potential partners on Love Island, they take to the kitchen in order to impress.

In episode 8 (Monday, January 20th), new boy Connagh Howard rustled up a Welsh classic to impress his current partner, Sophie Piper. However it didn’t go down all that well.

So what is Welsh rarebit, the dish that had Sophie and her fellow Islanders questioning Connagh’s culinary abilities?

Screenshot: Love Island S6 E8 – ITV Hub

What is Welsh rarebit?

Welsh rarebit is a traditional Welsh dish which is essentially a fancy way of cooking a grilled cheese.

You make a savoury cheer sauce (starting with a roux), which is flavoured with mustard, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and occasionally beer. Although we’re not sure Connagh Howard went for the booze in his Love Island breakfast – they do ration the beers you know!

The cheesy mixture gets poured over slices of bread and then grilled, so the top gets crispy and browned.

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Connor’s breakfast beef

Obviously Sophie’s OG partner, Connor Durman, wasn’t all too pleased with the fact new Connagh was making his missus breakfast. But he seemed pretty chuffed at the fact Connagh’s cooking didn’t look up to scratch.

He said in the episode:

I saw the breakfast he made her and it was dead. Yeah, he got it completely wrong. Some processed cheese on toast? Ouch.

Connor also got it completely wrong when he misidentified the breakfast dish, but we’ll let that one slide.

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The ratings are in

The only person who’s opinion truly mattered when it came to the Welsh rarebit was Sophie Piper’s. And unfortunately for Connagh (with a G), she wasn’t all too impressed with his culinary skills.

In fact, Sophie’s face was quite the picture when she tasted the Welsh rarebit. Her best buds in the villa, Paige Turley and Leanne Amaning, were also unimpressed.

Paige said: “I’m sure they have normal food in Wales.” Leanne chimed in: “Can I just put that down?”

The Welsh rarebit definitely was a step up from Tommy Fury’s ketchup sandwich last season, but at least Molly-Mae loved the effort her beau put in… we can’t say the same for Sophie!

Screenshot: Love Island S6 E8 – ITV Hub
Screenshot: Love Island S6 E8 – ITV Hub



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