What's up with Anna Vakili's teeth? The Love Island contestant comes under fire on Twitter

Love Island 2019 is well underway!

The hit dating show kicked off on Monday, June 3rd and already we know and love the season 5 cast in the same way we love all of the previous Islanders.

And one Islander, in particular, has sparked the interest of viewers: Anna Vakili.

But despite all the drama on the shows, fans won’t stop questioning what’s up with Anna’s teeth. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the situ with Anna’s gnashers!

Love Island: SR5: Ep1 on ITV2
Pictured: The girls, Amy, Amber, Yewande, Lucie and Anna, chat.

Anna Vakili: Teeth

While the love triangle between Anna, Sherif and Anton has been at the heart of the drama of Love Island 2019, there’s another thing which has oddly captivated viewers… Anna’s teeth!

It would seem as if Anna has not had anything done to her smile, and she has natural gaps and cracks as most of us do.

We can’t see anything wrong with Anna’s teeth, but people on Twitter sure can.

As Anna has had some surgical enhancements, viewers have wondered why she has not undergone any procedures to get straight and perfectly white teeth or veneers, as her fellow Islanders have.


It would seem that the main criticism of her teeth (which can you believe people would even critique) is that they are too long!

Amy under fire…

Anna is not the only one who has come under fire for their teeth on Love Island.

It would seem that air hostess Amy has also had Twitter breathing down her neck over her teeth, but for the opposite reason.

Amy’s had veneers and fans are saying her teeth look too big and false.


You just can’t win with these Love Island viewers!

Love Island: SR5: Ep4 on ITV2
Pictured: Amy.

What work has Anna Vakili had done?

She has not had veneers like Amy, but viewers have speculated over the cosmetic surgical enhancements Anna has had.

The most noticeable is the lip fillers, which fans have criticised.


It seems like all of Anna’s appearance is up for criticism in the Twitter universe, but we think she looks great!





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