When was Love Island USA 2020 filmed? Dates and more explored

The sophomore season of Love Island USA is steaming ahead with Casa Amor on the horizon. But UK viewers are now just catching up.

This year has been highly unusual in more ways than one. With many of our summer plans all around the world, the summer of 2020 was looking like the bleakest on record. It didn’t then help when one of the world’s favourite reality shows – Love Island UK – was cancelled, as filming could not go ahead.

But America is here to save the day!

Typically, it is the British version of the hit dating series which is the more popular of the two. However, this year it looks like all eyes are on Love Island USA. So, for British viewers who are now just catching up with all the drama, they want to know when the series took place. Find out when Love Island USA 2020 was filmed here.

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When was Love Island USA 2020 filmed?

The filming for Love Island USA 2020 started two weeks ago. It is currently being broadcast live in the US, however UK viewers are behind on the drama. It’s like Love Island ‘Freaky Friday’ as this is usually what happens for American viewers tuning into the UK series.

Love Island USA kicked off on Monday, August 24th.

As the global pandemic is still raging on, many may have thought this was filmed pre-lockdown. However, the Islanders competing on the 2020 series are now in a ‘bubble’. They are filming this season currently and so all of the Islanders are having regular Covid-19 tests and aren’t coming into contact with any of the crew.

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Love Island USA 2020 filming dates

The filming for Love Island USA started mid-August 2020.

So far, the last episode of Love Island USA season 2 is scheduled to air on Wednesday, September 30th. This will be the fifth week of filming the series. Last season there were just five weeks of filming, so this is a likely finale date.

This means that Love Island USA season 2 will probably finish airing in the UK mid-October 2020.

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