Where is Malia Arkian now? From singing career to pregnancy and footballer wedding!

Where is Malia Arkian now? From singing career to pregnancy and footballer wedding!

It is one of the most infamous moments in Love Island history, the fight that signalled this show was not just going to be hot young singles falling in love.

It was Kady McDermott vs. Malia Arkian. 

Here is everything you need to know about the season 2 fight which shocked us all, got Malia sent home in a blink of an eye and what she’s up to now…

Screenshot: YouTube – Love Island: Malia & Kady come to blows

What happened in the fight?

Malia entered the villa as one of the Bombshells in season 2 and had her sights set on Kady’s beau Scott Thomas.

Just a few hours into her time in the villa, one date and one spilt drink later, Malia was sent home.

Here’s what unfolded between the two…

Where is Malia Arkian now?

Malia was pursuing a career as a singer and songwriter before her time on Love Island. And it would appear that that goal has waned and she now focuses on life as an influencer.

She is currently engaged to a Bradford City footballer, Hope Akpan, and she is five months pregnant with a baby girl.

Although Malia and Hope seem happier than ever, the fight that stole away her Love Island experience is still ongoing…

Kady’s new revelations

On June 10th 2019, Kady revealed that the fight had been more serious than any of us initially thought.

Violence of any kind is prohibited on the show, meaning a simple shove probably would’ve been enough to send Malia home. But Kady revealed that she had actually punched her and given her a nose bleed.

Malia has followed up these allegations in a statement to the MailOnline branding Kady a “compulsive liar” who “needs help”.

What’s Malia’s social media?

Her Instagram @onlymalia is private. But she has 14.3k followers, so she definitely does let people peer into the inner workings of her life.

And Malia has fan accounts dedicated to her on Insta, so it would seem her time on Love Island didn’t all go to pot!

You can also join Malia’s 31,000 followers on Twitter @OnlyMalia.




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