Where Molly-Mae gets her hair extensions, her natural colour and more!

Molly-Mae Hague is proving herself to be one of the most talked about Love Island contestants this year.

Everything from her lips to her clothes has been discussed on the internet. But one thing fans really want to know is whether her long blonde locks are real and how to get hair just like hers…

So, does Molly-Mae have hair extensions? Read on to find out everything about her glossy locks, from where she gets them done to her natural hair colour!

Screen Shot: Love Island s5 e5 Molly – ITV

Molly-Mae: Hair extensions

Molly-Mae has always been vocal about her long, glossy blonde tresses being hair extensions.

In an Instagram post back in April 2019, she stated that she used Beauty Works‘ 24-inch bonded hair extensions. Beauty Works are extremely popular with celebs and reality stars and Demi Sims has also been known to use their hair products.

It would seem these extensions are Molly’s go-to as she often mentions them or their other products in her posts.

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Molly-Mae’s natural hair

It is clear that Molly-Mae isn’t a natural blonde.

Over the years it would seem that her hair has got increasingly straight and more platinum.

From early Instagram posts, we can see that Molly-Mae originally opted for a more caramel blonde with waves in her hair but now likes the sleek white-haired look.

In other pictures where Molly-Mae’s hair is starting to grow out at the roots, we can see that her natural hair colour is a mousy medium brown. We bet she’d be unrecognisable with dark locks!

Hair extension blunder

This is not the first time hair extensions have come under the scrutinous eye of the Love Island viewers, as it became a hot topic in season 4.

But for not as nice a reason…

While fans of the show are desperate to recreate Molly-Mae’s platinum blonde look, it harks back to a time when Ellie Brown’s blonde locks were at the forefront of internet ridicule.

It seems that Molly-Mae has learnt from Ellie’s mistakes. Whether her hair is in her now signature high bun, braids or long, loose and wavy, she always keeps her ‘do camera-ready.

Screen Shot: Love Island s5 e5 Molly – ITV




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