Who are Ollie Williams’ parents? Love Island 2020 star is heir to Lanhydrock riches

Who are Ollie Williams’ parents? Love Island 2020 star is heir to Lanhydrock riches

Winter Love Island launched on January 12th with Ollie Williams entering the Love Island villa as one of ITV’s richest reality TV stars – in history!

Featuring 12 new faces looking to find love in the brand new South African villa, fans can’t wait to see the newbies in action.

As fans of the show are currently searching the web to find out more about the new Islanders, we’ve decided to share some key facts about Ollie Williams.

Who are his parents? What land does he actually own? And how wealthy really is his family?

Screenshot is taken from ITV2

Who is Ollie Williams?

Twenty-three-year-old Ollie Williams is from Cornwall and is used to living the life of luxury.

Ollie is a graduate who studied Criminology at London’s Royal Holloway University. Since graduating university he became a junior estate manager at Lanhydrock in Cornwall.

However, there is something slightly odd about that role… you know, considering his family own the Lanhydrock estate!

Who are his parents?

Ollie is linked to the historic Lanhydrock estate through his father Andrew. On his introduction video on ITV he says “when my dad dies, I am going to be a lord!” which is a pretty big claim to fame.

His father Andrew is a Lord of the Manor of Lanhydrock. With his family title being “Viscount Clifden.”

Ollie also boasts that his neighbours are Prince Phillip and Camilla.

The cheeky 23-year-old isn’t afraid to let people know of his wealth either and his favourite chat-up line is: “Do you know Polzeath Beach in Cornwall? I own it!”

Hmm. Probably more of a local chat-up line.

What is his Instagram handle?

His Instagram is filled with cars, holidays, horse racing and you can find him over at @olliesjwilliams.

Ollie the Rugby player

It appears Ollie’s talents are endless with his Instagram featuring a number of rugby pictures.

When he was at university he was part of the Royal Holloway Men’s Rugby club which claims to be one of the most successful (and active) societies on campus.

Is Ollie the Lord of love?

Self-confessed alpha male Ollie says that he falls in love very quickly, often adding that he loves someone “prematurely” and isn’t afraid to slide into a girls DMs to take them out for a drink.

There are no pictures with him and his ex(es) and when asked if he is a good boyfriend Ollie says it depends what ex you speak to – so obviously that means no.

Ollie when asked what is he like as a boyfriend. Screenshot is taken from ITV2.




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