It’s been over a week since the Islanders returned from Casa Amor, but still Love Island’s greatest test is causing ricochets in the Cape Town villa.

The headline challenge stirred up more than enough trouble in last night’s episode (Wednesday, February 12th) when more details about Casa Amor were revealed.

Although it didn’t go well for many of the couples, there was one, in particular – Paige and Finn – who had the most dramatic reveal. Paige and Finn were previously the most secure in the villa, they’d even made it official!

So, who did Finn’s head turn for in Casa Amor?

Screenshot: Love Island S6 E28 – ITV Hub

Finn faces the headlines

In the headline challenge, Shaughna read out a headline from Heart saying: “Casa Amor cause ____, ____ and ____ heads to turn on tonight’s Love Island.”

Initial guesses from Jess Gale and Ched Uzor were of Mike, Callum and Nas. However, there was one contestant they had not considered in the mix: Finn Tapp.

This was to the shock of everyone in the game, including Finn himself who looked incredulous over the answer.

The Heart article has now been deleted.

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Who did Finn’s head turn for?

When the boys headed to Casa Amor in episode 20 (Monday, February 3rd) they all – Finn included – were overly excited about their ‘lad’s holiday’.

On the first night, Finn chatted to Natalia Zoppa and many viewers thought his head might be turned for the 20-year-old Mancunian beauty.


However, after the first evening Finn had his mind back on Paige. This is something he addressed as well, as when he returned to the original villa single on Thursday, February 6th he said “after the first night I knew I was sticking with Paige.”

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Screenshot: Love Island S6 E28 – ITV Hub

Paige’s response to Finn’s ‘head turn’

As you can imagine, hearing your boyfriend of just three days had had his interest peaked by another girl just a week before, Paige was not too happy.

In the episode, Paige said: “It’s no secret that I’m not the most trusting, so this just feels like a bit of a betrayal.”

And as we’ve seen before, Paige is not one to let go of things easily… here’s hoping that she can forgive Finn for his Natalia Casa Amor conversation!




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