Who did Jordan enter the villa with? Love Island timeline of how he messed up!

Each season of Love Island there have been memorable character arcs, as the Islanders we once knew and loved turned into people we no longer recognised over the weeks we see them on our TV screens.

And this year, there seem to be more Islanders than ever-changing their minds. From Danny Williams and Michael Griffiths’ betrayal of both Yewande and Amber to Curtis Pritchard’s fall from grace in the eye of the viewer.

But there is one last-minute addition to this list, as Jordan Hames went from loved-up boyfriend to having his head turned in the matter of days. And he’s now the nation’s – and Mandi Vakili’s – public enemy no. 1.

With Jordan’s exit from the Love Island villa in episode 52 (Wednesday, July 25th), we thought we’d take a look over Jordan’s time on the show. From who he entered with to who he left with and how he crashed and burned in the villa.

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Pictured: Jordan chats to the boys.


Episode 15 – Jordan enters the villa

In episode 15 (Monday, June 17th), Jordan Hames entered the villa at the same time as Tom Walker.

As a Bombshell entry, Jordan invited Anna Vakili and Maura Higgins to go on a date with, but it was Anna he always had an eye on.

In his first date with Anna, Jordan said: “You’re definitely one of the girls I’ve got my eye on… I think you’re beautiful”.

And it wasn’t long before things started to heat up between the two.

Casa Amor puts a spanner in the works

It was the Casa Amor that sent Jordan and Anna down the wrong path. When the two groups of Islanders split off in episode 28 (Sunday, June 30th) to head to Casa Amor, it wasn’t just Curtis who had his head turned, but both Jordan and Anna.

Firstly, Jourdan Riane caught Jordan’s eye and they shared a bed together on the first night. Next, Anna Vakili was smitten with 6ft 7 basketball player Ovie Soko.

Although nothing came of Jourdan and Jordan’s first-night of potential passion, Anna and Ovie instantly sparked. And Anna returned to the OG villa with Ovie, whereas Jordan waited for Anna’s return a single man.

Episode 49 – Jordan asks Anna to be his girlfriend

But all was not lost after Casa Amor, as Anna began to realise what a good thing she had going with Jordan. And it wasn’t long until they were back on track.

By the post-Casa Amor recoupling, Anna made a decision to return to her beloved Jordan leaving Ovie and Amber Gill in a friendship couple.

The following weeks saw Anna and Jordan as happy as they’ve ever been in the villa.

Jordan and Anna were such a strong couple that in episode 49 (Sunday, July 21st) he asked Anna to be his girlfriend. Jordan took her on a tour of the villa, showing her all the spots where they had had their most significant moments as a couple.

But it wasn’t long – in fact just a matter of hours – before disaster struck.

Episode 50 – Jordan’s “head is in India”

In episode 50 (Monday, July 22nd), Jordan’s head was turned by late entry Bombshell India and he wasn’t afraid to share that information with blabbermouth Curtis Pritchard!

But it was the following day when Storm Anna rolled in, that everything well and truly went to pot for Jordan and Anna.

Episode 51 (Tuesday, July 23rd) saw the most explosive argument of the series as Anna was informed of Jordan’s feelings.

In the episode she said: “What kind of guy asks a girl to be his girlfriend then two days later is cracking on with another girl?… You asked me to be your girlfriend so you could get through to the finals, ‘coz you’re a game player”.

Jordan and Anna leave the villa

After the public had to vote for their favourite couple to stay in the villa, Jordan and Anna were once more in the bottom.

Previously, their fellow Islanders had saved Jordan and Anna from being dumped from the villa as they thought they had one of the strongest connections and could make it on the outside. But that was not the case after the antics of episode 51.

As they left the villa, they left not as friends, but as Anna said “No grudges, but we’ll go our separate ways. I mean there’s no need for us to be friends really”.

So that means Jordan Hames is leaving the villa a single man!




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