Who does Luke M pick on Love Island? Fans split over Demi and Shaughna!

It’s been a rough old ride for Luke Mabbott since he arrived in the Love Island villa three weeks ago.

Not only has he been “pied” twice by Jess Gale and then Natalia Zoppa – and ended up in a love triangle along the way – but now Luke has ended up with two girls pursuing him and a pretty scrambled brain.

Demi Jones first expressed interest in Luke at the start of this week (Monday, February 10th) but in last night’s episode (Thursday, February 13th), Shaughna Phillips threw her hat in the ring to the surprise of Luke and her fellow Islanders.

But in a shocking twist at the end of last night’s episode, it was revealed there would be a recoupling in which the boys would pick who they wanted to be with. So, who will Luke M pick – Shaughna or Demi? Here’s what the fans are hoping for!

Screenshot: Love Island S6 E29 – ITV Hub

Demi and Luke M hit it off

In episode 26 (Monday, February 10th), Siannise and Luke Trotman decided to play matchmaker and set up Luke M and Demi.

As Demi had been preoccupied with Nas Majeed and Luke had been pursuing Jess, the two had never explored a romance. Clearly Siannise and Luke T were born to play matchmaker, as soon enough Demi and Luke M were necking on and all over one another!

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It looked like things were going well for the two, until another Bombshell entry – Jamie – joined the villa. As Demi decided she also wanted to get to know Jamie, Luke M became sceptical of the relationship.

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Shaughna states her interest

By episode 29 (Thursday, February 13th), Shaughna threw a spanner in the works and announced that she had a thing for Luke M too.

Shaughna explained to Demi:

I’ve always had a bit of flirty banter, back and forth. The first time I notice it was when we did Snog, Marry, Pie… it sounds so f***ing stupid… when he didn’t marry me, I was like “oh, okay.” Then when it didn’t go well with Natalia, I was like “oh, I’m quite happy about that. Why am I happy about that?”

When she told Luke M this news, he was gobsmacked, but said he would keep an open mind and begin to get to know her in that way.

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Screenshot: Love Island S6 E29 – ITV Hub

Who does Luke M pick on Love Island?

As of yet, we still don’t know who Luke Mabbott will choose to recouple with. All will be revealed in tonight’s Valentine’s Day episode.

But already, fans are speculating there’s some more editorial sabotage at play.

As ITV have recognised Shaughna Phillips is one of the most popular Islanders, some believe they will ‘force’ Luke M to couple up with her, so she stays in the villa. They can do this by manipulating the order in which the boys choose. If Jamie goes before Luke M and chooses Demi, then it’s more than likely Luke will go on to choose Shaughna.

But this goes against all the Love Island fans, who are currently ‘shipping’ Luke M and Demi!

“Lemi” fans desperate for them to couple up

Since Luke M and Demi hit it off, fans have been desperate for them to couple up. Some even claimed they would go on to win the series if they stayed together.

But all the Shaughna fans are now totally team Shaughna and Luke M – they just want to see her happy!

If the producers don’t force Luke and Shaughna into a couple, we think it’s likely that Luke will choose Demi. After seeing how rattled he was when she went on a date with Jamie, it’s clear he’s into her. It would be too early for Luke to say what he had with Shaughna was better.

But it’s a choice that has completely split the fandom!





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