It wouldn’t be Love Island without a touch of drama, and up until Casa Amor, things were pretty smooth sailing for all of the Islanders. Sure, there were love triangles and squares galore, but it was looking incredibly tame in comparison to season 5.

When the Casa Amor segment kicked off in episode 20 (Monday, February 3rd), no one could predict what drama it would bring. And the producers are continuing to stir up trouble between the couples, in particular, Paige Turley and Finley Tapp.

Since they first coupled up, they have been thick as thieves and even made it “official.”

So, why are they making it out that Finn’s head was turned during Casa Amor?

Screenshot: Love Island S6 E20 – ITV Hub

Finn gets excited about Casa Amor “lad’s trip”

Out of all the original boys, Finley Tapp and Callum Jones were definitely two of the most excited to head to Casa Amor. This came as a surprise to many viewers, as both were pretty content in their couples up to that point.

In the picture below, we can see that Finn looks pretty excited about getting out of the villa… but we think that is mainly because Finn had never been on a lad’s holiday, as he explained later!


All of the boys were raring to get out of the main villa, but that didn’t stop them leaving a token of their affections with their original couples. Finn left Paige his bowtie on their shared bed.

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Screenshot: Love Island S6 E20 – ITV Hub

Natalia takes interest

Although Jamie, Jade and Natalia all expressed that they were most attracted to Finn, it was only Natalia Zoppa who ended up having ‘a chat’ with Finn in episode 20.

During this chat, all that happened was Natalia described her type and Finn commented that he fit the bill. From his dark eyes and hair to his beard, he was exactly Natalia’s ‘type on paper’. At the end of the conversation, Finn said: “It’s certainly interesting to meet you guys, just to see.”

Finn said of Natalia in his VT:

Natalia, she’s a nice girl. Stunning. Stunning. It’s a test and whether I pass, whether I fail…

He then concluded with a shrug. And nothing more was said! The following day, Finn was all about Paige, saying that he couldn’t wait to get back to her.

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Screenshot: Love Island S6 E20 – ITV Hub

Heart delete their article

Heart posted an article on Monday, February 3rd – the night Casa Amor kicked off – with the headline:

Casa Amor cause Mike, Finn and Nas’ heads to turn on tonight’s Love Island.

They have since deleted the article. Although you can still find it on Google, once clicked, it will redirect you to Heart’s Love Island page rather than the article.

Even they have recognised Finn’s head wasn’t turned!

So, why was Finn’s head turned in Casa Amor?

Realistically, we don’t think Finn’s head was actually turned by Natalia in Casa Amor. And nor does anyone who watched the episodes!

Finn and Luke T were left as the only two still staying loyal to their original girls, Paige and Siannise.

Fans of Love Island are up in arms over the producers playing with this moment to make it seem worse than it actually was. And we’d have to agree. The creation of unnatural drama, particularly when it concerns one of the only couples fans actually are rooting for, is infuriating and unnecessary.

One viewer tweeted that the “producers are doing Finn and Paige dirty. His head didn’t turn once.” Another questioned: “When did Finn’s head turn, I dont get it? Are we all watching the same show?”