As Winter Love Island season 9 is nearing its finale, fans are curious about Will from Love Island’s net worth.

Farmer and influencer Will Young is one of the 2023 show’s original contestants. He’s still on the show as of episode 51 alongside Lana Jenkins, who was scrutinized by fans due to her voice, Ron Halls, Kai Fagan, and co.

It appears that Will has found true love with Australian Islander Jessie Wynter during his time in the South African villa. The two are even talking about moving in together.

Some Love Islanders aren’t short of cash

Love Island is no stranger to welcoming people who are already famous onto the show each year.

From Dani Dyer to Carl Fogarty’s daughter, Claudia Fogarty, and Gemma Owen, there has been no end of contestants on the show who have some kind of claim to fame.

Fans even spotted contestant and actress Olivia Hawkins on another ITV show, Buffering, in 2023.

Generally speaking, this means that some of the Islanders head onto the show with a fairly substantial net worth. Others may not have famous parents but have become successful in their own right such as season 9 star Spencer Wilks who owns a vibrator company.

Will Young is a famous farmer

When Will Young joined Winter Love Island in 2023, he explained that he is a farmer.

He also was a social media star before finding further fame on the ITV dating show.

Will has 1.6 million TikTok followers and 37 million likes.

He also has almost 280k followers on Instagram.

Will from Love Island’s net worth

During Love Island season 9 episode 51 Will and Jessie talked about moving in together.

He said: “I’ve got to lamb first though, baby.”

Jessie then said that she wanted to visit the country and that country is her “happy place.”

It seems that Jessie and Will are keen to spend time together at his farm once they leave the Love Island villa.

Judging by the fact that Will lives and works on his family’s £1 million estate, the two will likely have a lovely time staying there.

The Daily Mail reports that Will lives on his family’s £1 million estate in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Farmer Will regularly takes to TikTok to share the shenanigans at his farm and, judging by his posts, there’s never a dull moment in his working day.

Will has kept ITV viewers entertained during season 9 of the show and caught many people’s attention with his funky nail art.

The Love Island star’s net worth is likely made up of his salary as a farmer, his TikTok fame, and his parent’s farm. The family also owns a swanky two-bedroom cottage that is available to rent on Airbnb which would accommodate some of their income also.


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