Every now and then on Love Island, we see some weird stuff happen.

In a show which comes up with ridiculous and entertaining challenges each week such as ‘Sliding into the DMs’ or the ‘Bridezilla’ game, we now expect some odd scenes.

But in episode 13 (Monday, June 17th), viewers were treated to something which has split the panel on whether it was funny or just a bit weird.

Cut to Yewande sucking on Amber’s toes and viewers at home thinking it was all a bit too close and personal.

Here’s what went down in a truth or dare game and why people found it just a tad odd for their Monday night viewing.

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Love Island: SR5: Ep13 on ITV2
Pictured: Tommy, Amber and Danny during ‘truth or dare’

Yewande sucking Amber’s toes – how it all went down

In what started as a simple game of truth or dare – what now seems to be a tradition on Love Island – Yewande, unfortunately, pulled a card which required her to suck on a toe of a fellow Islander.

Out of everyone, she chose to suck on Amber Gill’s toes in what became a pretty hilarious watch to everyone in the villa.

But it seems to have split the audience with some thinking it was funny and others being repulsed.

Some people did not think that dare was funny… At all!

The reaction to what was a pretty harmless dare on television has been pretty serious.

Some were grossed out by the feet element – understandable, as Yewande and Amber were also grossed out – but others thought the whole incident was just weird and wrong.


One viewer said they were “calling ofcom rn after Love Island really embarrassed Yewande like that by making her suck a toe on television” whereas others condemned Yewande’s behaviour for doing it.

Was it really all that bad?

Considering some of the other cards which were pulled from the bunch, we think Yewande actually got off lightly.

Curtis Pritchard had to pull a face he would make in an incredibly intimate moment and Anna Vakili had to act out her favourite sexual position with Jordan Hames.

Anna even spoke about how uncomfortable she was with the card she drew, commenting that her parents were watching before engaging in the task.

We definitely think these two had it worse in the truth or dare round than Yewande, who could choose whose toes to suck on and got to pick her Love Island bestie Amber – there was nothing weird or kinky going on here!



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