Love Island 2018 star Adam Collard has been causing a storm inside the Majorca villa.

The personal trainer from Newcastle entered the villa as the only ‘single’ contestant and has quickly gone about flirting with all of the girls.

However, it’s not Adam’s flirting game that has caught the attention of social media – it’s his ridiculous sized legs.

Here’s the BEST of Twitter’s reaction…

Chicken Legs

According to bodybuilding experts (and Milhouse from the Simpsons), the calf muscle is the most difficult of all places to build mass.

Perhaps that’s why people think Adam’s legs go from the Hulk above the knee to Ginger from Chicken Run at the bottom.

Don’t believe us?

Take a look yourself…

Tweeters could literally only find on comparison for Adam’s twiggy things that attach to his feet.

Asda three for £10; 16 meatballs, 2 salmon fillets and Adam’s chicken drumsticks.

Mr Tumnus

Of course, not everyone has similar tastes when it comes to pop culture references.

For example, the crowd who love a bit of Narnia and Mr Tumnus…

Jeggings or Painted?

Men have lowly branched away from bootcut jeans and into slim trousers.

Then there’s skinny, stretch skinny, super stretch skinny, male jeggings and now the Adam jean look – AKA painted on.

Skipping Leg Day

The large part of social media wanted to debate the ‘leg day’ dilemma when it came to poor Adam’s little calves.

People were not impressed with his lack of proportion physique.

The Answer

The final conclusion was found by a tweeter called Sam Stewart, however.

Top work Sam…

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