Theo Campbell is enjoying a calm spell out of the spotlight.

After a whirlwind six months that followed his appearance on Love Island 2017, the Team GB athlete is back on the track with his focus firmly set on clocking times.

Well, maybe the odd girl. And potential reality TV show.

This is Theo after all!

Would You Rather: Be on Celebrity Big Brother 2018 or Love Island 2018?

Love Island, definitely.

It’s 10x a better show, with so many more viewers. It’s just a lot more fun.

With Big Brother, you get that age group mix, whereas in Love Island everyone is of similar age, so it’s a lot more fun (we know what sort of fun he means!).

Made in Chelsea or TOWIE?

Haha, what about neither…

If I had to pick one, then I think I’d rather be on MIC, although I’m probably more suited to The Only Way is Essex.

Caught on camera masturbating or having sex?

Sex I reckon.

If you’re on a reality TV show and someone looks over, and you’re masturbating, it’s a bit weird innit?

For some reason being caught having sex isn’t as weird. I think Love Island are trying to crack down after Montana said she regretted having sex in there.

A drink with Johnny Mitchell or dinner with Tyla Carr?

Definitely dinner with Tyla.

In fact, I think I already have had dinner with Tyla.

No offence to Johnny… but, you know, given the choice.

The Whip, The Dab, The Running Man?

After winning a race? Has to be the running man.

Powerade of Lucozade?

Easy, Powerade.

Lucozade is way too sweet, it actually dehydrates you. (This isn’t a plug for sports drinks, drink Gatorade for all we care)

Beat Usain Bolt over 100m or qualify for the next Olympics?

Ah, a tough one.

Bolt is like my idol and it’d be some great bragging rights to say that you beat him.

But I think a few people could beat Bolt on a bad day, so nah, the Olympics

Nike or Adidas?

I was sponsored by Nike for two years but they stopped sending me kit after Love Island, so definitely Adidas.

I like the old school Adidas tracksuits and the vintage gear.

Theo is back in training with an aim to reach the World Championships next summer. He has no immediate plans for future reality TV shows but as he said; “you never know”.

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