Love On The Spectrum: We found Ruth on Instagram - relationship update!

Netflix’s Love On The Spectrum shines a light on a day in the dating life of people with autism.

The new dating show has proved hugely popular for viewers, who have become well-invested in seeing how dates turn out for the cast, such as Michael, and another favourite, Maddi.

But the show also delves into the lives of autistic couples, such as the four-year relationship between Ruth and her partner Thomas.

Like fans, we were eager to find out the latest on Ruth – find out her relationship and life update below!

Screenshot: Ruth and Thomas, Love On The Spectrum Episode 1, Netflix

Who is Ruth?

Ruth, 22, is primarily a deaf autistic. She has a two-year-old baby snake called Cleopatra, and at least two cats. She is also a business card collector.

Her pets don’t just stop there, as she has recently welcomed new ducklings into her life – they are called Valerie, Tandoori, Waffles, Pepper and Mavis! In Episode 1, Ruth said she mostly has friends of the animal and imaginary kind.

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She is from Australia, where the Netflix show was filmed. Ruth lives in the Brisbane area.

According to social media, she likes Frozen and Fantastic Beasts, and when it comes to music, she enjoys Taylor Swift and band Harcopian.

Love On The Spectrum: Ruth and Thomas’ relationship

Ruth and Thomas have been dating for four years and are living together as a couple. They were friends first.

While Ruth said she wrote in her journal “I want to marry this guy” when she first met him, Thomas also clearly thinks the world of Ruth. They have a dream house in mind, where they have hopes of sitting on the balcony together and watching the world go by.

She’s funny, fun to be with, really smart, has a killer body and just puts up with me.

On the show, Love On The Spectrum flashed back to the time that bus driver Thomas Wyndham proposed to Ruth – at his place of work. Thomas also surprised Ruth during Episode 1 with a surprise date to celebrate their fourth year anniversary together.

But their relationship has blossomed even more since the show…

Screenshot: Ruth and Thomas, Love On The Spectrum Episode 1, Netflix

Ruth on Instagram

Big news alert – Ruth and Thomas are officially married. She posted the news on her Instagram three weeks ago.

And guess how they spent their honeymoon? Visiting the @catcuddlecafe the day after the wedding, to have a “much-needed peaceful and relaxing session with sleeping kittens”, said Ruth.

Ruth regularly posts pictures of her with animals, shopping finds and of course, with her husband Thomas.

She is officially Ruth Wyndham now… We couldn’t be happier for the pair!




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