EXCLUSIVE: Prime Video UK is set to release brand new reality dating show Lovestruck High on May 18, following an incredibly diverse group of 15 UK based singles in their twenties as they go to an American High School for a second chance at finding love.

The Prime Video UK show will be narrated by none other than the queen of teenage dramas Lindsay Lohan, who will provide voiceover commentary as the singletons try to find love and secure a date for prom – in the hope of being crowned prom royalty and securing a cash prize of $100,000 (£76,000) prize.

The cast of Lovestruck High sat down to chat exclusively with Reality Titbit to explain their excitement of taking part in a reality television first.

Lovestruck High | Season 1 Official Trailer | Prime Video

Lovestruck High | Season 1 Official Trailer | Prime Video

Charlie Curtis, 29, said: “I went in there to find love, I’m not getting any younger, I’m 29 years old. I want babies, I want to settle down and get married. I definitely went in there with an idea of meeting someone and of course falling in love but I didn’t go in there with any preconception. It was like throwing myself in the deep end.”

Katie Franklin, 21, spoke out about how she felt heading onto the show with a following on TikTok of over 2.5M. “I felt a sense of added pressure because I feel like with social media when you’re already in that career path you do experience a lot of different opinions. You’re not programmed to have this many people’s eyes on you at one time.

“I definitely went in there with an attitude that I need to be perfect, which for sure made me feel a bit anxious but I do think it’s great to have a supportive group of people behind me. I have my platform and I control my own narrative and I’m more than blessed to have that platform.”

Junaid (Amazon Prime)

With Lovestruck High boasting a cast of 15 students from across the UK, the show celebrates all different sexualities, religions and backgrounds which is a first for a reality show of this scale.

Junaid Ahmed, 26, who is a self proclaimed “b***h with a heart of gold” expressed how important he feels the show’s diversity is.

He said: “I think with Lovestruck High it’s the first ever reality show with a diverse cast of sexualities alongside religions, cultures, and so on. You don’t see that on Love Island, TOWIE, Ex On The Beach. As soon as we saw the cast we knew we were making history to start off with. We walked in and were like, OMG there are so many different people here.

“It’s 2022 and it’s the first show of its kind to show what modern day living is and I think other shows should really take note of this. This is the start of something huge.”

Charlie (Amazon Prime)

Lindsay Lohan – whose CV boasts the likes of Mean Girls, Parent Trap and Freaky Friday – announced that she will be adding reality TV to her CV by narrating the brand new Prime Video UK show.

When asking the cast how they felt after the announcement that the show would be narrated by a Hollywood legend they were quick to explain their excitement.

Charlie said: “It’s so exciting, she is iconic to me. Mean Girls was the film we all watched at school so it was so exciting to know that someone who when I was young was so huge in the media is narrating the show. It’s huge!”

Katie (Amazon Prime)

Junaid added: “I died. When I found out I was ringing everyone. Lindsay Lohan knows who I am, are you joking? I met her four years ago at an award show and who would’ve thought four years later I’d be on a show she was narrating. It’s mental!”

Teasing the season, Junaid assured Reality Titbit that there will be a lot of tears and tantrums throughout the show’s run.

He said: “Let’s just say there are 100% fireworks on its way. Don’t take s**t from anyone, always speak your truth and speak your mind. I walked in the room and saw 14 other cast members and knew I was not in trouble. Just be mindful of people who think they’re big characters but blend into the background.”

Lovestruck High launches on Prime Video on 18th May 2022.

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