Love Island is back in 2022 with its eighth season. Amber, Paige, Gemma and co are all settling into the villa after episode 1 aired on June 6th. This year’s show came with a shock twist as the Islanders weren’t allowed to partner with another contestant of their choice, but the public chose the couples before they entered the Mallorca villa.

When some of the girls in the Love Island villa described what kind of man they’re looking for, a couple mentioned that a guy with tattoos is their thing, so it seemed that Luca Bish was in luck. But, on closer inspection, fans have realized that Luca’s tattoos are potentially as random as it gets. So, let’s take a look at what Twitter users think about Luca’s Winston Churchill ink – a boxing champ features on his arm, too.

Luca Bish sells fish

So far, Love Island viewers have been introduced to all of the 2022 islanders but we’re all still getting acquainted with who’s who in week one.

Luca Bish has revealed that he’s 23 years old, hails from Brighton and works as a fishmonger. He also said that seeing bombshell Davide Sanclimenti made him proud to be half-Italian.

When he revealed his surname, Gemma Owen said that ‘Bish’ was “unfortunate” but Luca didn’t seem phased. He’s been busy mingling in the villa, while viewers have been occupied observing his collection of tattoos.

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Love Island’s Luca has a Winston Churchill tattoo

From afar, many people may not be able to work out what all of Luca’s tattoos are, but on closer inspection it turns out that viewers have noticed many familiar faces tatted onto Luca’s body.

He has a tattoo of Winston Churchill’s face on his arm, as well as Muhammad Ali, Albert Einstein and more famous people. By the looks of things, Luca has dedicated his right arm to tattoos of multiple famous faces.

One Love Island fan tweeted: “Ok I’ve looked it up and Luca’s photorealistic tattoos are: Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Amy Winehouse and Muhammad Ali. Spectacular.

Twitter reacts to Luca’s tattoo collection including Churchill

While most of the tattoos on Luca Bish’s chest and torso are nature-based, he’s got a scorpion, a butterfly and a snake to name a few, there are many more on his body that some eagle-eyed fans have noticed.

One person tweeted: “Obsessed with the Albert Einstein tattoo on Luca’s arm. We love a man who appreciates a big-brained genius. It’s giving academic representation.”

Some fans have tweeted that Luca’s tattoos appear to be very much ‘Harry Styles-inspired’ and others have joked that Luca looks to have asked a tattoo artist for “one of everything“.

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