The third season of the MTV dating show Double Shot at Love is underway and the spotlight is currently on cast member Maria Elizondo who underwent surgery since her last appearance during the show’s second season.

Maria is amongst 19 other female contestants looking to win the hearts of DJs Pauly D and Vinny.

As Maria has returned to our screens with a brand new look, what surgery has Maria had? Reality Titbit has had a look into the cast members surgery and what fans thought about it!

What surgery has Maria Elizondo had?

In September 2020 Maria Elizondo, 25, underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure at The Bet U Now Plastic Surgery Center in Florida.

A BBL consists of fat being removed from areas such as the hips, abdomen, lower back and thighs with liposuction which is then injected into the buttocks.

Depending on the surgery and procedure, the price of a BBL can range from $2,000 to $10,000.

Why did Maria Elizondo get a BBL?

Being open and honest with her followers on social media, Maria told her fan that the main reason for her fat transfer surgery was to get rid of her insecurities.

In an Instagram story posted by Maria at the time of the surgery, the reality TV star said, “After thinking about it very long and hard and talking about it with friends and family, I have decided to get a fat transfer, which is essentially a BBL to fix my problematic areas like my hip dips and the dents on my butt that made me very insecure over time.”

Fan reactions to Maria Elizondo’s surgery

Following the news of her surgery, fans rushed to Maria’s side in support of her decision to undergo fat transfer.

One Instagram follower commented, ‘Give me the name of your surgeon immediately. You are freaking flawless.’

However, a Reddit conversation created to discuss Maria’s upcoming surgery amongst fans didn’t have quite as positive responses.

One user said, ‘I will never understand putting yourself through unnecessary surgery.’ Whilst another said, ‘I just hope she doesn’t regret it.’

Despite fan concerns, Maria went ahead with the surgery and told her followers that the procedure had gone perfectly.



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