Are Marnie and Casey still together? Geordie Shore star talks about earlier split

Are Marnie and Casey still together? Geordie Shore star talks about earlier split

Marnie and Casey will open their doors to let cameras in, on the new Geordie Shore OGs season. Fans may wonder if they are still together.

For years, fans have followed Marnie Simpson’s journey, from entering the Geordie Shore house to party, to becoming a full-time mum.

Now, we get to see how she is coping with family life, get an insight into her relationship with Casey Johnson, and get a glimpse of her parenting.

It will all be uncovered on Geordie Shore OGs. Those watching may be questioning Marnie and Casey’s relationship status is since filming.

Screenshot: Marnie Simpson Opens Up About Her And Casey Johnson’s Break Up During Bladder Issues | Geordie OGs 4, MTV Shores YouTube

Are Marnie and Casey still together?

  • Yes, the couple continue to be in a relationship

Following their split earlier this year, Marnie and Casey rekindled their romance and are now engaged to be married.

Her fiance Casey popped the question in August 2020, before they had a break from their relationship several months later.

Since the show, they are now happily loved up, and there is even talk of plans for their wedding – which they initially called off.

Marnie talks her and Casey’s earlier split

The Geordie Shore OG star said that her and Casey went through “such a hard time” around Christmas 2020.

During the show, Casey shares how he felt when their split went public, following how social media reacted to the break up.

When asked how it felt to watch Casey’s reaction, she said:

It obviously wasn’t nice to watch it back, but I feel like every couple has bumps in the road and it just makes you stronger.

The couple had a break after Marnie said she “pushed him away” due to having depression and bladder issues.

Marnie revealed that deep down, she always knew she didn’t want to break up with Casey, but added that he had no choice to leave.

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Will Marnie and Casey be getting married?

  • Yes, Marnie has already planned her wedding

She said that co-star Sophie Kasaei is her bridesmaid, along with her agent and sister-in-law. Marnie jokingly added that she’s forgotten her plans.

During an group press event involving Reality Titbit, Sophie responded to Marnie’s wedding plans by saying:

Marnie wasn’t actually going to have bridesmaids. You were only going to get married once in your whole life. She went, ‘Yeah but I want all the attention on me’, I was like yeah but listen, I’m in your life like a sister. I want to be bridesmaid at your wedding, I want a bit of attention as well.

All of the Geordie Shore girls are invited to the wedding, Marnie revealed.

It comes after former MTV star Gary Beadle recently got married, which Holly, Marnie and Sophie were not invited to.



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