Married At First Sight season 15 applications are out now. Fans have loved the American TV series through the years. Its British and Australian spin-offs have found huge success as well.

Besides getting a viewing pleasure out of it, being on the show as one of the contestants is a dream for many. Those who’ve dreamt of starring in the Lifetime series are in luck now as the casting for the 2022 season has already begun.

How to apply for ‘Married At First Sight’ season 15

A post on Married At First Sight‘s Instagram from two days ago reveals that the 2022 season will be shot in San Diego, California. Fans can head to, if they are in the area for the duration of the show’s casting and shoot.

Upon landing on the casting website, viewers will come across a very detailed form, which they’ll have to fill out. The application contains as many as 65 questions.

Besides general information like name, date of birth and e-mail id, there are a ton of personal questions that aim to dive into details about the applicant’s childhood, family, education, professional life, social media information and previous relationships as well.

Moreover, applicants must also divulge information about their physical traits and post pictures of themselves for the producers to see. All of this has to be accompanied by a 15-second video explaining the applicant’s reasons for wanting to be on Married At First Sight.

Matchmaking process on the show explored

The matchmaking for the Lifetime show is done by its experts: Sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz, marriage counsellor Pastor Calvin Roberson and psychotherapist Dr Viviana Coles.

As revealed in its earlier seasons, the marriages we witness on MAFS are legally binding, meaning the only way out is to file for a divorce.

Pastor Cal from the show has revealed that the experts use science as well as insight from past seasons to match up the couples. However, whether the relationship works or doesn’t depend on the couple for the most part.

As we have witnessed multiple times on the show, the matchmaking process isn’t full proof.

Rules all MAFS couples need to follow

Fans would be shocked to know that there are as many as 50, if not more, rules that MAFS couples have to abide by as cast members.

Some of the most popular ones are that they cannot be legally married or have any children before being on the show. They need to be up for dealing with all the aspects of the eight-week social experiment.

Individuals need to live in the season’s pre-determined cities, in this case, San Diego, so long-distance doesn’t cause any issues later.

Applicants must also have sorted their fiances before being on the show so that their spouse doesn’t get burdened by any outlying debts. Keen to know some of the other rules? Click here!

Married at First Sight | New Season Wednesday 7/21 at 8/7c | Lifetime

Married at First Sight | New Season Wednesday 7/21 at 8/7c | Lifetime

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