Marrying Millions: Season 3 release date explored - fans demand answers!
Screenshot: Marrying Millions: "She's CRAZY!" Desiry CLASHES with Rodney's Assistant (S2, E14) | Lifetime YouTube

Marrying Millions: Season 3 release date explored - fans demand answers!

It’s the marriage show that follows couples from different ends of the social class system – and it’s come to an end. So, when is season 3?

The Lifetime series featured the ongoing drama between Rodney and Desiry, as well as Reese and Nonie’s marriage, to name just two couples.

Now that season 2 has finished, fans are eager to find out exactly when the marriage series is coming back on their screens.

So, when is season 3 being released? We done some research to find out exactly when we can expect it to return…

Screenshot: Nonie Creme, Marrying Millions Season 2 Premiere After Show | Lifetime YouTube

Marrying Millions fans demand season 3

The series, which led several fans to think that Rodney is gay, has received some backlash for him not “ever coming out” during season 2.

The second series ended on March 31, which means that fans have been without an episode for two weeks so far.

During the finale, Bill popped the question to Bri, and Erica finally decided if she wants to go back to Rick or not.

Desiry also made Rodney choose between her and his mother, while Reese made a grand gesture for Nonie.

One viewer took to Twitter and said: “So @lifetimetv can we get a 3rd season of #MarryingMillions please??”.

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Is Marrying Millions season 3 confirmed?

  • At the time of writing, Lifetime have not confirmed a third season

Despite the popularity surrounding Marrying Millions, they have left fans hanging without an announcement of an upcoming series.

In terms of the Lifetime schedule, it is thought that some shows may be pushed back as a result of the global pandemic.

It is likely that, if the series returns, that the TV network will confirm the third season closer to the air date.

Marrying Millions season 3: Possible air date

  • It looks like the third season will air around February 2022

Looking at the first and second season, there was almost a year gap inbetween the two series being aired.

The first season of Marrying Millions first hit our screens in July 2019, and ended in September 2019.

Then, the second series aired in August 2020, and ended in March 2021.

So, while each season tends to continue to air for several months at a time, it’s likely that season 3 will be airing in just under a year’s time from now.



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