Mary Bedford recently went on a date with a Love Island bombshell, where she revealed her ex-boyfriend is a footballer. But who is he?

When professional football player Aaron Simpson headed into the villa, he chose Mary and Chloe to go on dates with him.

Seeming to hit it off, Mary couldn’t contain her shock when Aaron said what he did for a living, before she dropped the bomb that her ex plays football.

This led many tuning into the ITV2 dating show to do all they could to find out who Mary’s ex-boyfriend is. Reality Titbit can reveal his name.

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Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Viewers guess who Mary’s ex-boyfriend is

After Mary dropped the ex-footballer bomb, many scrambled to the Internet (or Love Island Twitter) to discuss who he could be.

Some questioned whether she was referring to Toby, also a footballer, who she was coupled up with following Casa Amor.

One viewer said: “Is Mary saying her ex that was a footballer is Toby or had she had a footballer ex before Toby??”.

Another wrote: “WHO WAS MARY’S EX?! There’s story there and I need it now #loveisland.”

However, others knew exactly who her ex-boyfriend is, and did not know that he had previously been a footballer.

Who is Mary’s ex-footballer boyfriend?

  • Chris Hughes

After Chris came third on Love Island season 3, he played football for the Gloucestershire club Bourton Rovers F.C. making 13 appearances.

Less than a year ago – 10 months to be exact – Mary and Chris were dating.

The Sun exclusively papped Chris and Mary out on a date in London, which pretty much confirmed their ‘relationship’.

However, Mary has discussed a “cheating ex-boyfriend” in a YouTube video.

She said: “Before, with my ex, I forgave him. I was young – I’m talking like 18 or 19 – and we’d been together four years.

“When I found out last time that he’d been cheating, we’d been living together three years. I was like 20 at the time, I was just like ‘I can’t get back with you’. He is sorry and I’ve forgiven him.”

Why did Mary Bedford and Chris split?

  • They never confirmed the reason behind their break-up, but Reality Titbit believes things may have just fizzled out

Their romance was short-lived. Neither of them went public on Instagram about their relationship, after they were spotted kissing.

Since they went on a date in August 2020, there was no more reports of them going on any more dinners or dates together.

The couple had been seen on a date in London, having a lovely dinner and getting cozy with each other.

An onlooker told the newspaper that the pair were “kissing and cuddling and were all over each other”.

As their romance appeared to take place during lockdowns, it could be that a lot of it happened behind the scenes, if they quarantined together.



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