What is Medhy Malanda's net worth? Journey from football to Casa Amor!

Medhy Malanda has gone from kicking ball on the pitch, to trying to turn heads in the Love Island villa. We uncovered his net worth.

He joins the ITV2 dating show just two seasons after Ovie Soko, who came in as a professional American basketball player.

Medhy plays a different sport – football – and it will be no wonder if fans are wondering what he earns, as well as the net worth he has accumulated.

He may have swapped balls for girls for the time being, and so Reality Titbit has outlined his journey from football to Casa Amor below.

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Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

What team does Medhy Malanda play for?

  • London Blitz American Football Club

Medhy, from Belgium, currently lives in Luton, but regularly tagged London Blitz in his Instagram photos playing ball.

In 2019, the new Casa Amor star regularly played at big stadiums for the team, such as at Finsbury Park Athletics Track, where they train.

Based in London, the American football team was formed in 1995.

They are one of Britain’s most successful teams and are five-time BritBowl winners, as well as European Champions.

Medhy Malanda: Football and modelling

Medhy often tags NFL in his Instagram photos, which suggests he has played in the National Football League before.

However, he isn’t just a footballer but a model, too.

Medhy often works with a range of brands, such as Goodman Factory, MD Care, The Malkuth, and PADT.

The new Islander also achieved the second highest jump of the day with NFL UK, at a recent sporting event.

Medhy, who can talk several different languages, studied Language Interpretation and Translation at London Metropolitan University.

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Love Island: What is Medhy’s net worth?

  • Medhy’s net worth is not currently in the public, but Reality Titbit estimates that he earns £25–36K per year

This is based on how much an average amateur football player earns.

As London Blitz does not play in the FA Premiere League, and rather plays in the BAFA National Leagues, the players actually pay to play.

According to an earlier report, every player and coach on the London Blitz, British American Football Association champs, was not paid in 2009.

They didn’t earn a single pound, and had to pay what they earned at their full-time day jobs to pay league dues, buy equipment and pay for travel.

Although things may have changed since then, it looks like Medhy may get most of his income from his job as a model!



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