Love Is Blind Season 2 has been full of ups and downs for all of the 30 singles, however, one who has felt it the most is Danielle Ruhl. Though she ended up engaged to Nick, their journey wasn’t a smooth one.

Despite their issues, it seemed Danielle is in it for the long run and we are dying to find out what will happen when Netflix dumps the next load of episodes, but until then, let’s find out more about Danielle.

Keep reading to discover her age, Instagram, career and romantic journey with Nick Thompson.

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All about Danielle

Danielle is a 29-year-old associate marketing director born on November 6th, 1992. The reality star will be celebrating the big 30 this year and through a look on her Instagram – she knows how to celebrate.

Danielle attended the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign in 2014, where she studied for three years to get her degree. During college, she got to work straight away which is part of the reason she is now so successful in her career.

Danielle worked as a social media intern at Hard Core Brands International and got experience here creating ads and preparing for her future within the creative industries.

Danielle’s Instagram

You can follow Danielle on Instagram under the handle, @dnellruhl.

The main thing we can see from scrolling her Instagram is that she is super close to her family and often posts pictures of her with her mom and sisters, especially her sister Meghan.

Danielle is also a clear Chicago Bulls fan and has an adorable Husky called Nova who she loves to show off to followers – we aren’t complaining!

Her Instagram bio also contains a quote from the American comedy series The Office showing us she is a big comedy fan too.

Danielle’s Love Is Blind journey with Nick

Danielle initially connected with Nick and had a small thing for Shayne. Her heart was drawn to Nick Thompson and they even became the first couple of the new season to get engaged.

The couple initially connected over their mutually shared experiences and children with them both coming from broken homes and having witnessed their parents divorce.

The couple also bonded over Danielle’s vulnerability and honesty with Nick from the first meeting in the pods. Danielle opened up about her struggle with weight when she was younger and told him how she had lost over 70 lbs.

Nick was incredibly understanding and supportive of this which swooned Danielle even more.

However, they began to face some challenges on their – what was meant to be – ‘romantic’ getaway in Mexico. Danielle’s tendency to overthink started to grate on Nick causing him to become frustrated and snap back at Danielle.

They ended up having a pretty explosive argument during the third episode which left the couple a little rocky. Though they seemed to have overcome this we will have to wait for the next five episodes to find out.



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