First Dates is back with a brand new series, bringing together hopeful singletons in an attempt to find their one true love.

In 2019, the First Dates restaurant has opened its doors to a whole new bunch of daters and waiters.

So, want to find out about every cast member in the brand new 2019 series? Read our rundown here…

First Dates 2019

Waiter Austin

Longtime First Dates staff member and cheeky chappy Austin Ventour is back in the restaurant for the brand new series.

When he’s not acting as a waiter in the restaurant, the 24-year-old seems to be DJ’ing, but it looks like the mix master has hung up his headphones in 2019 to rejoin the gang in the London restaurant.

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If you don’t love yourself… who else will? ?❤️ • • • • • • #selflove #sunday #gym

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Waiter Grant

During the First Dates hiatus, it seems that Grant Urquhart filled his time with various telly appearances and even some singing.

But the waiter is now back in the restaurant alongside best pal Austin for the 2019 series, and it looks like the pair will be getting up to their old tricks once again.

Waitress Cici

Bubbly blonde CiCi Coleman is also back for the brand new series, having been one of the key staff members for quite a few series of the show.

Although she doesn’t actually work at the restaurant full-time, the waitress has returned in 2019 to help the daters find their one true love.

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Best waitstaff team in the WORLD ? @granturquhart ?? #firstdateshotel

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Host Fred

What would First Dates be without the main man himself Fred Sirieix?

After spending his downtime from the restaurant penning his first book Secret Service, Fred is back in the First Dates restaurant to help make the show’s nervous daters feel right at home.

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New season. New look. How do I look? #firstdateshotel @channel4 @firstdates

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Barman Merlin

Although busy running his own pub, cocktail connoisseur Merlin has returned for another season, helping daters calm their nerves with a pre-dinner drink or two.

Back behind the bar once more, Merlin is sure to give the 2019 couples more of his famous pearls of wisdom.

Waitress Laura

Lovely Laura is back on First Dates in 2019 to rejoin her pals in the London restaurant.

Since the last series, it appears that the waitress has become a qualified paramedic!

But don’t worry, she will still be appearing in the 2019 series to help make sure the dates run smoothly.

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Pout pout

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New waiter Will

Much to viewers surprise, 2019 brought a new face to First Dates in the form of waiter Will Holloway.

He’s 25 years old and from the New Forest.

First Dates: Episode 1


Professional footballer Georga Knight seemed to strike it lucky with her date Georgia in Episode 1.

However, after a few awkward missteps on the date (the scratch card!), it seems that Georga and Georgia have decided to part ways.

From the looks of social media, the 22-year-old has remained single and is now working as a personal trainer.

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Getting the miles in ??‍♀️ @nikerunning #Blowing

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It was a First Dates first when Georgia De Freitas revealed that she had previously gone out with her date Georga’s niece.

The 20-year-old beautician seemed to bypass the awkwardness and enjoy a nice date with football star Georga, however, it seems like the pair have since decided to just be friends.

Georgia recently uploaded a kissing photo with another girl captioned ‘I love you’ so it seems pretty safe to say she has moved on.

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I love you

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First Dates: Episode 2


In episode 2, Sally Shearing pulled on viewers heartstrings as she spoke about the tragic loss of her husband in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Enjoying her date in the restaurant, Sally agreed to another date with Andy, however, it seems like the couple is no longer together.

But don’t worry, it seems that she has since found love with her partner Barry Mcbride, check out her insta’ below!

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Happiness is…. a good man! I love you x

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Professional tennis star Natalie Neri impressed viewers with her tales of her sporting stardom when she came to the restaurant in episode 2.

Since appearing on First Dates, it appears the 35-year-old has continued on with her life as a tennis coach in London, having played since the age of six!

From the looks of her insta’ it seems like things didn’t work out with her date Chris, so maybe we might see her return to the restaurant in the future?


Episode 2 saw eccentric Chris Summers get paired up with tennis pro-Natalie Neri.

Although the pair both seemed to be lovers of music and adventure sports, it seems like the couple hasn’t met up since their date at the restaurant.

However, with the pair both religiously attending Burning Man music festival, maybe the couple might reunite in the future?

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Waahh Yaaaahh… it’s wedding time!! See you soon Lukey & Alex. #fuckimlate

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First Dates: Episode 3


Episode 3 of First Dates introduced us to 42-year-old mother of two Melissa Denton.

In the biggest surprise of the series to date, Melissa revealed that she practices sologamy – meaning that she is actually married to herself!

Despite her commitment, she enjoyed a date hypnotherapist Damien, although from the looks of things the couple is no longer together.

Pictured: Melissa Denton, S12 E3.

First Dates: Episode 4

Star of the show in episode 4 was Becky.

She had a terrible date with Leigh yet stayed incredibly positive and energetic.

In fact, audiences loved the 36-year-old single mum of two so much that she will be back on the show in episode 5!

First Dates: From disaster to Dave – We found Becky on Instagram but is she still single?

First Dates: Episode 5

Episode 5 of the series was all about returning faces.

Not only did Becky return for a date with dashing Dave but cocksure Jack Evagora was all in town for a second shot at love.

Unfortanelty, things didn’t work out between Dave and Becky. Jack just about managed to charm date Shauna although nothing progressed after the show.

Screenshot: First Dates 2019 Jack
Screenshot: First Dates 2019 Jack
Screenshot: First Dates 2019 Jack
Screenshot: First Dates 2019 Jack
Screenshot: First Dates 2019 Jack
Screenshot: First Dates 2019 Jack


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